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With the photoshoot coming up with Arena Homme in Korea, it seems that Mr. Yang himself gave the hint for the following next new album by Song Minho, but to be honest the last two songs are amazing, but it seems that its more something that the public really love. And also some of the girls really love the sext images given by Mino himself. Even the singer Kei. G said that. On the other hand Mino is able to show a different image while he is doing his solo activities compare when he is with his group, in which its a good thing, because he’s stand out.

But at the same time if you look at his work for Code Kunst with Loco, he also portrayed another rough image, in which me personally is able to connect more. Or even the song Fear also had a lot of his characters rather than a cool song 🙂 as for his recent collaborations with Jamezz and Epik High he showed a lot of his tough sides as well. Rather than having the main stream, popular image, he really suited well with the rough and unique image itself, I do think that it will create the image of SONG MINHO himself, and definitely a lot of people will approach him more. If you see/heard both song of Stronger and Fear, there are some reference regarding about his past. He failed many times, people are also dissing him that badly..actually I wonder there will always be G Dragon, TOP, and MINO that criticised a lot by the media on everything they do even if its a small things. On that point of view I feel connected because I’m not the smartest person in the class, or on the society, I’m not pretty either.

By the way alchemy was released after the Epik High collaborations, with No Thanxxx he received some criticism for his lyrics, but Tablo got his back. If you noticed over the past few years as well his tone also changes quiet a lot, its more cool, and there is some roughness through it, rather than having that “deep voice”. On the other hand on alchemy there is some reference that those criticism put him to insomnia I supposed, and expressed that with the collaboration with Jamezz he pursued his “rapping” instead of being just an idol.

I think he always be on every someone else’s albums, but its a good thing that he kept on increasing for the mainstream, and non-mainstream musics, so he’s able to diversify what he is capable doing, even for the song Up on Bobby’s album his voice is super cool, and I keep repeating that part. In a way he kind of remind me with Dean because Dean also doing collaborations with mainstream and non mainstream musicians. I supposed Mino will appear on Seungri’s album as well based on the update last year.

here’s for more photos 🙂

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