James Blunt

Going strong with song titled You’re Beautiful back in 2005 for the album Back to Bedlam I could say its still the song that these days still be heard at a wedding. I became a fan after listening to So Far Gone for his album Some Kind of Trouble in 2010, although I could say that this album is pretty under-rated, but for some reason I played this song a lot back in the days 🙂 To be honest my parents also listening to You’re Beautiful as well, because its on their disc that they got..for some reasons we still got discs, although actually some discs store in Indonesia went to bankruptcy, because we love digital songs these days..its more portable 🙂

Yup after the You’re Beautiful going really well, he hit up with Goodbye My Lovers, I think those two are the most iconic singles from him 🙂 I actually fond with some of his songs, but somehow his newest single he teamed up with Ed Sheeran, and I think its really something that a positive thing to do, considering that Ed Sheeran is known for the younger audience, and definitely Ed is now one of the hottest singers out there. The songs Make Me Better, and Time of Our Lives, were co-written with Ed Sheeran, and you can see some of Ed’s influences on the songs, like if you listen to Perfect.

Last but not least I think James Blunt take a lot of risk on making his musics, I could tell that he really understand the young generations’ taste 🙂 the songs that he produced these days got more like R&B, Dance feel, so I think it could reach the younger audience, such as OK with Robin Schulz is really doing so well, I didn’t expect that he will did that kind of music at first. But as an artist you should try a lot of things and I think its so amazing 🙂


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