I love Daichi Miura because his songs are heavily composed of R&B genre, and the way his music videos were done are just amazing. First of all since I’m so into John Legend these days the music that I listen to are tend to have chill vibes, but they still have the elements of dancing in some parts of the song, in which I don’t mind.

I feel like if you’re a fan of Thelma Aoyama, John Legend or Taeyang, you’ll love Daichi Miura. There are some of his songs that have amazing collaborator like with Kreva for example. There are two songs that are current my favourite of Daichi Miura, It’s The Right Time, and Turn Off The Light, they have this R&B vibes, and his dancing is actually amazing. But once again as a blogger I’m staying to be equal on judging them, or reviewing someone else’s music, because firstly I’m not a singer, or a dancer I can’t do nothing about it 🙂 Just to let you guys know there are some songs that are translated pretty well, and I cover what I got from the meaning of the songs, there are just songs that I just like the beats, and I think they’re cool, there are songs where the music videos catch my attention so well. By the way I probably biased with some artists like KOHH, Mino, Fort Minor, One Ok Rock, but I didn’t realised it hehehehe..but for Daichi Miura I purely just enjoy the song right after knowing from this J Pop Mania blog on instagram.

Just for another information both Its the Right Time and Turn Off the Light got a different vibes, with Its The Right Time I could say its more chill, and you can follow the steps of the dance as well. As for Turn Off the Lights the beats is more powerful compare to Its the Right Time, its also got more dance/EDM vibes rather than R&B like It’s the Right Time, so if you ask, I probably love Its’ the Right Time better, just because I love the genre more hehehehe..yess I’m so biased about the genre too I love R&B so much, as for rap songs I tend to pick something like Drake’s vibe, where the rap parts are almost like a singing part, songs that are not to noisy or to excited are usually my go to as well 🙂


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