Happy Taeyang Day :)

Hii guys I haven’t post about Taeyang I believe so, but what I love about Taeyang is that his songs are just amazing, and congratulations on your marriage this year 🙂 with Min Hyorin, I wish you all the best on your service right now. And definitely to you fan base they are amazing. The reason why I really admire the K Pop fans is that, one they just care so much with the artist, remember their birthday and their giving so much love for the gift.

But here’s are some of the song that I think my favourite songs from Taeyang, first up is Wedding Dress, if you love artists like Ne-Yo or John Legend, you guys definitely will love him. Although on the story of the song itself having a plot twist on the music video, I could say I can cry when I watch the video 🙂 <3 but the song is just amazing, the scenes that happened on the music video actually could happen in real life.

The next one is 1AM, the cutest thing about this music video is that Min Hyorin was the model of this music video 🙂 and that’s how their relationship started 🙂 and I really love the song, its the perfect on dancing on the weekend 🙂 (it will be more cuter if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany you)

If you ever to describe your loved ones definitely sing for them Eyes, Nose, Lips actually if you guys will attend a prom, sing this for your date 🙂 they will not able to say no afterwards. If I’m not mistaken this song was dedicated to Min Hyorin..its soo cute right #couplegoals 🙂 but anyways Taeyang got this song during his wedding day what a cute thing to do 🙂

Because you eyes, nose,lips

Last but not least are the two songs before his enlistment 🙂 I personally love the songs but to be honest with you guys the songs are a little bit under-rated. It really surprised me a lot, considering Eyes, Nose, Lips, and Wedding Dress were doing so well. Some of the people saying that the concepts are now sexy, to be honest the music videos are not explicit. And considering that he is in his 30s now it make sense if he grew as an artist. You can expect someone to dressed up like a teenager for forever don’t you ?

But honestly the songs are not really hype as other album that he released before, I have to listen to it for few times for me to liking it, but that happens right ? its just like Taylor Swift newest album I need to listen to it few times to get it clicked with me. But anyways I’m still a fan of him, it doesn’t mean that I hate him. 🙂 But aside a lot of fan saying this comeback did not have really have a huge promotions I could say, and I think he got the same comeback song around the time of Rich Brian. In which Rich Brian is huge now in the U.S, and in my country, Indonesia they stream a lot of Rich Brian too. But I think the fans also feel that this comeback has more Western vibes feeling. Anyways I love it though, although for this one is more a tough love, to love the songs 🙂

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