Fake Love by BTS


As a blogger, I’m staying neutral on viewing my perspective on music, I could why BTS is really HOT right now, even the whole world are watching them. With Bigbang now on the military service, their competitor on the music industry itself lessen, by the way I’m a fan of Bigbang 🙂

We all could not resist that Bigbang actually bring this hip hop vibes, and the bad boy image towards the K Pop industry. But it seems BTS boys really fit with the theme that on demand, and girls really love the bad boy image don’t we ? Their album Love Yourself: Tear I think will be a successful comeback. Firstly because they work with international composer/producer, for example like Ali Temposi who worked with BeyoncĂ© for her album I am Sasha Fierce. And with they performing on Billboard with new single, definitely it will catch the attention of the international audience. I think Big Hit is really smart at making their marketing game strategy.

So for what I think about the Fake Love music video ? I like it, their cinematography is just epic, similar to their Blood, Sweat, and Tears video, there is a silent moments, and then the music starts again. As for the lyrics I could tell that the teenagers will love it so bad. Its about loving someone without whole heartedly, or basically just having a bad love #loveistragedy..anyways I love their dancing too, they are on point, although I can’t remember the whole team Jimin is the member that I remembered the most (by the way I don’t stan anyone)

Mark your date as well since they will perform in Ellen DeGeneres on 25 May 2018. But going back to the music video, the music video is so full with aesthetics, what I like about their dancing, is actually kind of remind me with modern dance, and temporary dance as well. They probably have some symbolism that I probably don’t get it, but I tell you its worth it to checking out on them. Sooo congratulations boys on your comeback wishing you all the best for you career 🙂 ❤


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