I’m a the only one thinking this certain way ? maybe not, I’m from Indonesia, the recent mayhem news on the media, driving me crazy..Maybe towards to certain extend is actually making us hating on each other. You guys may not know the meaning of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, but it means Unity in Diversity. There are 6 official religions in Indonesia, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Catholic,Confucianism and Hindhuism. So why hating on each other, growing up I have friends that have different family backgrounds, including Muslims, Javanese family,  we never hate on each other.

The fact that what happening right now it will not make us loving each other, but hating, and just to let you know that’s what the “puppet master” wanted us to be, being hate, and losing trust upon each other. Maybe some of us might be losing our faith, just to let you guys know in the end of the day we’re all humans and everyone will pray in the end.

Honestly speaking to certain extend I don’t care if you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, as long as you want to be friends with me, I don’t care. Why hating when your religions teach you how to love, how to respect but in the end of the day you’re hating, guyss I mean lets be real grow up.

I think Sam Smith’s song and Childish Gambino’s is what actually happening right now, its only happening at certain countries, it can happen in our own small community. I could say racism still exist, one day there was this guy that fix the wall cracked on my flat, he asked my name, and he was like its very unusual to hear Western name on female Asian..Your name don’t define your identity, people are so over it when it comes to the book cover. Rather than having the celebrities as a distraction on social media, as an Indonesian, I think its important to raise awareness the importance of diversity 🙂 ❤

Let’s think this way without China, the trading in the world will become worst, why firstly they have cheap labour they help us to have our clothes that we’re using today, without America they development of the technology that we have today may not be happening. Without the British people, probably today we’re not going to use English for communicating with others 🙂 ❤ without Japan you people may not know about the Quartz invention that Swiss try to make it for ages ❤ and you guys will not able to get the car with more affordable price compare to European cars right ❤ .Without the European you guys will not be able to have this luxury items that everyone have been longing for ❤ Without all the Africans, and the Middle East countries you have to think about the oil supply 🙂 Don’t you guys need all those things ? Without the Wright Brothers from the U.K you won’t be able to have airplanes, and no phone without Graham Bell ❤

I got, I got, I got, I got
Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA

You know what there’s a lot of people doesn’t really want to go back to Indonesia after University..but I got it in my DNA, without Indonesia I won’t be able to be here, in Australia, or even alive…I bonded with Indonesia with everything on it, even if some of the things are seems to be ridiculous I love Indonesia to the core 🙂 ❤ the song DNA may be about Compton. But if you see about the gang associated, or the mayhem don’t you think we still have those mayhem 🙂

I got millions, I got riches buildin’ in my DNA
I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA
I got off, I got troublesome, heart inside my DNA

I mean I’m still going to go back to Indonesia despite if some of the people might said no to my decision. I may not be the smartest girl inside the class but my loyalty to my birth country you can’t take that. My parents also told me its better if I stay away from Indonesia, but I can’t I was born and breed over there. I live, I eat, I breathe over more than half of my life in Indonesia 🙂

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