2NE1 Day

Hiii Blackjacks !! although they got debuted back in May 6, their official debut is at May 17 at the SBS Inkigayo πŸ™‚ (correct me if I’m wrong). last time I posted 2NE1’s as well not so long ago πŸ™‚

Although a lot of people hate them really bad, such as criticizing them the way the look, but no one can bring them down (in terms of swag-ness, and stage presence), even the girl groups that I noticed today, or actually there is no one that make me to an awe, because to me they look the same, or they just dressed up more cooly. But 2NE1 is such in a different level, their fashion is really catch our eyes, even by just passing them, you’ll be questioning “who are they ?”.

“Can’t nobody hold us down..”Β 

They are the definition of cool, if you ever watch American Next Top Model, Tyra Banks always said on every fierce photoshoot that you must have the ugly pretty..in which its okay being bold πŸ™‚ its cool. I have a tan skin, chubby cheeks, my eyes are not so Chinese typical, my eyebrow is thick. I don’t look like the typical Indonesian-Chinese girls, and I never have those confidence that I look okay.. all my friends mostly got the most fair skin πŸ™‚

But they also have an empowerment song for those girls who just experiencing a break up with someone withΒ I Don’t CareΒ 

Hey playboy, it’s about time and your time’s up
I had to do this one for my girls, you know
Sometime you gotta act like you don’t care
That’s the only way you boys learn

I don’t think these days girls are brave enough to dressed up like that. I know that the fashion maybe is not the current fashion trend but bold accessories sometimes are super cool. Their fashion style brought me to know AMBUSHΒ .And actually although its actually so painful see or hear them disbanded πŸ™ they want to say to the fans Don’t Cry, because its always GOTTA BE YOU, but although they never Comeback Home, they say Goodbye and its the most beautiful Goodbye ever.

Happy Birthday girls πŸ™‚ I wish I could come to your show one day πŸ™‚ and hopefully I hope you guys HAPPY with no matter what the future hold.

yours truly


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