The Guy Behind This Is America

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He is a Japanese born, LA based director, if you think of the industry right now..Definitely Dave Mayers, Joseph Kahn will be like on the top lists, but Hiro Murai is not joke as well. His portfolios are actually solid, before This Is America break the internet Hiro already worked with Gambino for some projects including Atlanta, music videos for Sweatpants, 3005 (by the way the unit number where I live in right now is 3005 #touché)

Also further more than that he worked with David Guetta and Sia for the song She Wolf, FYI I just knew that he directed some of my favourite videos today. Surprisingly song like Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes,  Airplanes by B.o.B, featuring Hailey Williams 🙂 Also there is this song by Flying Lotus called Never Catch Me, featuring Kendrick Lamar, although the song is pretty under-rated (released in 2014 and gained 10M views) but I think the cinematography is no joke, they got best cinematography at MTV Video Music Awards in 2015 beating Taylor Swift’s Bad Blodd and Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud whose music video breaking the internet. But I have to admit that its almost looking at a movie while viewing Hiro’s directed music videos 🙂 ❤ But I guess some fair judges really view on which ones is the best music video without judging the youtube views, I think the MAMA or Mnet Asian Music Awards should learn this besides the unclear voting system put the fans down #touché.

And lastly This Is America, safe the best for the last one right ? I personally think that that’s not what happen in America only. In the last two days in Indonesia where I’m from, there were bombings happened in several churches, I think religions, and politics are the biggest two giants in everyone’s life. Even I think money could turn you, to be a devil. There is no reason for backing up, I guess what Kendrick said was true “All I want is money and power”, and on the song of This Is America, there is a line “I’m so pretty, I’m in Gucci”..I think nowadays people are just trying to get the most expensive clothes as well, and it can turned you to be a gossiper too #touché. Because there was this girl calling me out to be jealous over my not so related cousin 🙂 (by the way he is a nice person but, I just shut everyone down because of privacy issues with my uncle). Anyways the girl commented I can’t buy luxury items 1. I don’t have to flex my Hermès, and Rolex watch for everyone I have them. Besides my parents offer me a Gucci shawl that I refuse, because I don’t need it, and I think posting your luxury items on social media is a bit tacky, and I’m not social climber, my dad got me stuffs too honey #touché. See just over a branded items someone can gossiping about you.

President Joko Widodo, who rushed to the city yesterday, described the attacks as “truly savage and beyond tolerable” and said he had “no words to express the sorrow we feel for the loss of lives”.- The Australian

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