B*tching Around

You’ll let it out honey, put it in the book

Yup I guess my reputation never been worse, I don’t know what karma I’ve receiving, but listen honey especially the girls I’ve living for 3 year gossip free until you guys came #touché. Now I’m making promise to myself that I’ll never make friends or contact with anyone of you guys 🙂

Like Hello Bitches..Bad Bitches get down on the floor, Look What you Made me dooo !!! I want this to be the END GAME


I mean just because I’m always acting it all nice to everyone, and telling everyone the problem is because first I don’t want people taking photo of me with particular person, because I don’t want everyone to have an idea that I’m always having fun. Because first my father do work really hard, like Fucking hard, until midnight, and nobody’s is perfect..you can’t judge my dad, you people can’t squeezee, or restrained my dad 🙂 #touché. Making friends with the girls I think the worst day of my life and the worst choice by me…I’m not a mouse, I’m not a mean girl anyway 🙂 and somehow if you put me into this situation..I can’t one way is to cut out, nobody is nice 🙂 nobody..I think the best way is to be a loner, you don’t have any fucking problem anymore..I declare the BAD BLOOD from now on. No more hate, or no more communication #touché

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