Dude have you heard about AKLO before ? if not then you should check him out, I just checked out jpopmania’s instagram and they got his name up there I checked him out. If you have no idea who’s AKLO is, he is a Japanese rapper, born in Japan raised in Mexico, his father is Mexican, while his mother is Japanese, he went to high school in U.S. he appeared on MTV blog Kendrick Lamars of the World by 

I think he is super cool, he got the swag, I didn’t check his latest album when I look for him on YouTube, McLaren is of his song that I think super cool. If you heard like Desiigner, Migos, a lot of these rappers flexing stuffs, and named all the luxury brands, its the same with the song McLaren, but the unique point of this video is that he put some games elements on his music video, I could say if you love Dok2, Jay Park, KOHH, Desiigner you’ll love him 🙂

There is another song called R.G.T.O or Rap Game Try Out featuring Salu, in these video I’m not very sure where to start, I personally enjoy the song, and the story was so fun like the teacher try to give this lecture of the old school hip hop rappers 🙂 but just to let you know the high schools in Japan are not really like that, its almost like anime and manga type high school but its fun 🙂 one thing here is that you can see that hip hop culture, especially the way they carry out their outfit, but I guess the world has become more global, and some people going for bold statement piece for their fashion right ? Please let me know on the comment section.

Although I don’t understand Japanese at all there is something about AKLO that got the sense of this roughness, and coolness that you’ll be like “o like this song” I really love his songs without knowing what’s the meaning #musicisauniversallanguage anyways…you need to check this guys out.

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