LSD = Labrinth SIA Diplo

Labrinth, SIA, and Diplo..yupp they just formed this group in 2018. I really love the fact that the music videos were done in two different ways first it was done as a animation. Second the video was done with combining the modern dance feel. This is my first time knowing Labrinth, somehow he really such an amazing artist..I have no idea why I just discovered him, I really love his voice though, I could say that if you love m-flo, PKCZ you probably will love them because they have similar spectrum in terms of visual 🙂 and music wise they really amazing.

I knew Sia from the era of Titanium, but as for Diplo there are times where everyone just listen to EDM and since then I knew some of the best DJs around the world, my favourite song from Diplo is Revolution, but LSD killed it. I personally love the creative direction created by SIA and there are some artist that I really wait for there visual video, and song. There are songs that I really focused on the beat and the video, but there are song that I particularly focused on the meaning of the lyrics. I think on genius you can see the reference of Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einstein on the lyric, I could possibly guess that the song is describing your future love partner…

Oh, my God
Baby, baby don’t you see-e-e
I got everything you ne-e-ed
O-only a genius could love a woman like me

As for Audio, my best guide is how you could spend your time with your loved ones, and there are some reference on describing your loved ones as a partner that complemented one another I supposed 🙂 The song is really nice I could pictured it to be played on roof top bar ❤ that will be amazing 🙂 or cafe, some cool cafe does play such an amazing music. I really love LSD, they have the thing that any other group want to play it safe I supposed. They’re not afraid to have this ugly pretty things drawn on their videos, and the contemporary dance for me is actually hard 🙂 because it really need the exact emotion to portrayed the character well.

 We got a ride, we got the night
I got the bottle, you got the light

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