Gym Class Heroes

During my early highschool days I played this song “My heart is stereo it beats for you so listen close, here my thoughts and every note”

From Left to Right : Eric Robert, Travie McCoy, Matt McGinley, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo

Although its been a while since they put a whole album since 2011, and Travie McCoy has been going out for his solo, and his latest one called Golden with Sia released in 2015. But he has not been heard since, and I think the competition is so stiff now, with more diverse rappers are coming up, like Rich Brian, Keith Ape, KOHH, and also people like Cardi B, Migos, Drake, and Eminem is coming back to the game 🙂 I mean I’m pretty much love everyone because I listen to the music depends on the mood.

The song Golden its a must song for me 🙂 I think its a song that full of dream and hope, everyone I think pretty much the same dream, being rich, and living a good life, in which is not bad..But if you don’t look up for those success look at this view “successful with university”, “successful with family” it could be gold as well, I think success in this song was used as Golden :). And also Sia has been so hot on this past few years, you can see numerous songs featured Sia, I think she really got that unique tone that nobody else got it 🙂

But definitely we can’t forget Stereo Hearts ❤ I mean, back in High School I love Adam Levine and Maroon 5 so much, so whatever songs he is into I’ll checked it 🙂 but later on I’m a fan of Gym Class Heroes 🙂 I think the song is super cute, because its almost talking to your crush or your boyfriend/girlfriend when he/she got upset. So its like building up your trust on them 🙂 so I love that song, and personally I used to have a huge crush on Adam Levine hehehehe 🙂 I got 2 of Maroon 5 albums back then 🙂 but now that I’m growing up I tend to listen to the meaning of the songs not only the singers 🙂

Another one from Gym Class Heroes is The Fighter released 2012, the year 2012 was hot since we have London Olympics. But I think during that time the hit song for motivation theme goes to Hall of Fame by The Script ft but for me both songs are equally amazing :). I think Gym Class Heroes need to comeback soon 🙂 if you guys a fan of Mike Shinoda, and Fort Minor you must love this artist 🙂 Gym Class Heroes and Mike Shinoda often mixing rap, with few rock elements on their songs, but it came out perfectly 🙂 The Fighter will still sounds a bit unfamiliar to be honest, its so under-rated 😦 unless you’re going to a sports match or something sometimes you can heard it. But if you’re going to an exam this song is a go too song 🙂

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