Dear, Mum

So the song for today is, The Best Day by Taylor Swift

Hii guys today is mother’s day right ? although I’m not really active on my social on Instagram I wrote here (on this blog daily), I just want to say Happy Mother’s day to my mum. Growing up somehow I feel like I knew I’m a troublesome kid, and I don’t know how to explained it 🙂 although it seems I’m the oldest ones it seems that I’m not really the most mature one as well, spiritually, and mentally. Growing up to be honest I hate the kind of word “normal” I don’t think everyone to be normal 🙂 And I knew its hard for both of my parents to have kid like me  #touché 🙂 I don’t like most things that girls love, and yeahh..I love unique stuffs like earrings, and now I’m into watches 🙂 and by the way there are earrings that I love and use even before Lady Gaga or even Dior hired them up #fashion101


     Japan 2015


Brussels 2017

I don’t know who I’m gonna talk to now at school
But I know I’m laughing
On the car ride home with you

I want to say thank you to my mum for being there, and supports me whenever you have time 🙂 although sometimes its even annoying since you visited me every 3 months I’m glad you did that, because it makes me feel like I’m not even moving out from Indonesia..Although you don’t really love arts thank you for accompany me to visited the art galleries.


Melbourne 2017, Dior Exhibition

By the way I would like to say thank you for both parents for giving me a chance to see the world, I’m glad for that because it helps me to understand the culture that I never see before. But since this is a Mother’s Day I really thanked my mum for everything she sacrificed for me, even if it is costs her happiness 🙂 I’m glad you teaching me kindness to give…I hope you’ll get what you sowing and reaping one day…I hope that I never have a daughter like me hahahaha I will ended up at a mental hospital, but you’re a strong lady mum, although you’re not working #housewife. But working as a house wife costs everything ; you need to be good at accounting, understanding health, cooking, being good at beauty as well, and basically everything. IMG_4918.JPG

Paris 2017

Thank you mum for making me my milk for every 2 hrs until I was 3, and thank you for being patient with me when I have a fight with the teacher at nursery school because of “cheese” and “keju in Indonesia” PS the teacher did not explained to me the Indonesian of keju, and I insisted saying cheese instead of keju. Thank you for picking me up at school, cooks everyday for my lunches, and spend a lot of time for me and my brother I love you 🙂 For the fights that we have I knew its for my goods right 🙂 anyway all the best for you mum 🙂 I love you ❤

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