The Idea of Plagiarism


Okies people I’m not hating anyone else’s opinions or trying to stan one artist to another, few months ago in Indonesia 🙂 #mycountry there’s this news that saying Reza Oktovian, copying G Dragon’s Bullshit, but I don’t think its really that similar..because even some musicians are also remix, and pull apart some other music’s beats. To be honestly speaking as long as the artist is not complaining, I think its okay because they are the one that owning the copy rights, I do understand that some fans might be hurt, but its all part of the industry. I personally think that dissing someone else’s on social media can be part of cyber bullying, I’m very sure that Reza Octovian’s did not really intended to write the same song like GD’s, after all the internet went crazy in Indonesia, one think that I always keep in my mind, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, since it will cause any harm 🙂 anyways and it will makes look more mature I supposed ❤

Someone from Facebook today, or yesterday gave the link of this Vietnamese artist called SƠN TÙNG M-TP, I believed that he also such a big artist since the video got like 5 mils at 10 hrs and his subscriptions on his channel are like 2. mils as well. The fan that gave the link said that SO’N copied Song Minho’s Body. So since I’m very curious about it I watched the video, from my perspective I don’t think its the same, even the beats are not the same. If you guys have an assignment I believed that your uni got this website to check the similarity, if you get up to 70% than you are on the plagiarism checking, but if its like 25% it doesn’t count as plagiarism.

If you see both videos is not the same at all, it may shared the same vibes but its not the same. I can considered Mino’s video are a little bit more explicit in content, and acting..if you understand what I meant but he did great ❤ while SO’N’s video are tend to be more symbolic, I mean honestly speaking you can’t just saying that SO’N is copying Body right away. Since first, if you upload a video there will be a check of copyrights thing-y and thus if you got the same exact thing 🙂 they will took it down directly. Actually if someone derived an idea from your favourite artist it means they have enough impact to put another people in an awe right ? you should be proud of it, since no one lost on this thing, I’m just saying that fans should more be respectful to other artists as well..sincerely speaking I don’t hate any artist is just like if I don’t like it, then I’m not going to listen to it. 🙂



God! Who let the dogs out?

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