When I came here, I wanted to put “GOD IS LOVE TO THE WORLD”

the mural was done by Leonard Knight over 30 years, he passed in last 2014, the Salvation Mountain has been a place where artists shoot their music videos as well. Furthermore I really love to visit the space one day.


Mr. Leonard’s story was so incredible, I think it could be something that the people in this generations could relate. Its purely a formed of arts that we all could relate a simple meaning that God is love, and his love is universal. Along the years he got the donations of the paints that he used through various a lot of people. Many musical artist such as Coldplay, HURTS, and many more have shoot their videos in the mountain.

Firstly Coldplay’s Bird, its one of my favourite song from their album A Head Full of Dreams, although I just checked out the music video recently 🙂 The music video was dedicated to Leonard Knight 🙂 I believe Leonard Knight was such a beautiful soul that inspired everyone to love one another despite the hate 🙂 what I learned about Mr. Leonard is just purely spreading the love ❤ he was once said that in the middle of the night there was a group on motorcyclist that want to play flashlight party, and he said it was the most fun thing he ever done. We must parted with a great man with the best song right ? ❤ ❤ ❤

Don’t let the fears just start ‘What if
I won’t see you again’

Some of the song even contain spirituality connection like Kesha’s Pray, a lot of people said that the song talked about producer Dr. Lucas who was said has been sexually assaulted Kesha back in 2014, although his name was not mentioned on the song. But the song build up empowerment for the people who was once left down by other people.

I’m proud of who I am
No more monsters, I can breathe again

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

I guess what Leonard Knight said was true, is not about hate, its not about religion but its about the universal love given by God himself 🙂 Mr. Leonard said that is not about which church is the greatest, but its all about God himself, and he said love is simple, God love everyone and He never hates anyone and that’s what we should get. Hence we can’t really judge people from the way they look, or act, even I’m still learning as well. ❤

Honorable mentions ; the honorable mentions will be for Sfera Ebbasta, HURTS, and Jessica Jung. As for HURTS I repeatedly mentioned them am I right ? hahahaha 🙂 so you can check on my other article, as for Jessica Jung the former member of SNSD wrote the song with cheerful heart, and full of positive message I could say ❤  As for Sfera’s I researched it on that I could say its his journey through out his life/career, and he got trouble too back then I could relate on that point on why he recorded the music video at Salvation Mountain.

PS : Anyways feel free to recommend me on what’s next 🙂

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