Hi everyone definitely you guys may know the collective 88rising right ? their new crew NIKI and August 08, so apparently if you guys don’t know about August 08, he was featured in Rich Brian’s Arizona for his debut album.

I could say if you guys loving Drake, or Song Minho 🙂 you guys must love him as much as I do, where they rap in a such chill tempo, you guys can check August 08 MV Lately here 🙂 I personally love this song, although I just watched it as I write this page, but I do love his song called Funeral. I can see that there are vulnerabilities across his music that really represent the idea of sad, beautiful, tragic ❤

August 08 came from the area of Compton, in which the area got a lot of talented artists such as Kendrick Lamar who dominated the whole rapping game I could say, I can’t wait to see him this July. However August 08 moved to other areas such as Lynwood, and Long Beach, in which on his interview he stated that he got the same experiences with the areas, as what he experienced back in Compton. During his younger days, some of his friends are also joining gang related activities, and some of his friends lost during gang violence.

“Hey, here’s my emotions. Here’s how I’m feeling in the moment.” Lately, I’ve been having new emotions, so I haven’t been as sad boy-ish [laughs] because there’s a lot of good in my life. It’s constantly changing, though, so the music changes with it.-AUGUST 08 on DJBOOTH

I also love the song titled called Sick Days, I found this on YouTube but you guys definitely better to listen to him on Spotify people 🙂 but anyways it really worth it to check him out, since the songs are mostly super emotional but he expressed in such a chill mode. The way he done the music are also almost like a story telling ❤ and it show cased a lot of emotions through out the music too 🙂 so be sure to check out his music in the future..and also 88rising concert ticket link is also down below 🙂



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