Feliné Celiné

The reason why I put the word Feliné is just because I personally think that cats got the persona of being diva-ish and full with grace, I just think that’s how Ms Celiné Dion is

From My heart Will Go On to Ashes the Queen is slaying 🙂 growing up if you happened to listened to David Foster, and friends you must definitely Celiné Dion is part of the crew. And the song My Heart Will Go On is a must wedding song I believe, I could remember it played on someone’s wedding, or a ball, the valentine’s ball.

These days I love listening to softer song, considering I have high anxiety and stuffs 🙂 but it doesn’t mean I’m depressed let me state that 🙂 I have this anxiety, and nervousness coming during the stress period near exam..so music does a lot to me. I could say that although I don’t really love, love songs but I mean who doesn’t fall in love to Celiné’s voice 🙂 I believe that My Heart Will Go On is a perfect lullaby song to me, and recently he just got the soundtrack for Deadpool 2 !!! yup you heard it right DEADPOOL 2

Actually there are songs that I personally thing a little bit underrated, to me a lot of great artist nowadays are not really being recognized by the 2000s-ish generations, and mostly a lot of kids from Asia, like me from example they listen to a lot of Asian’s now music. I’m not complaining though it means that now the people from Asia are able to appreciate what talents they really have, but its a little bit lost in the map as well when I talk about music. I really love her songs that got a lot of R&B vibes to it like Incredible and I’m Your Angel. Let’s talk about Incredible first, it was released back in 2014 the song is a motivated songs, both voices are complimented each other’s for me I knew Ne-Yo since I got my first iPod, and Ne-Yo’s perfect R&B voice fits Celiné’s mezzo-soprano voice are just way to incredible 🙂 but actually Ms. Celiné are able to sing any genre to be honest, since I never heard she got a bad song. The song I’m Your Angel is another classic I could say, although my parents are not really a fan of R&B songs they have I’m Your Angel by Celiné Dion. It’s such a beautiful song that reminds you of your loved ones, few years ago Celiné took a vacuum for the industry to focus on her late husband and she took a comeback back in 2017 at BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS.

I don’t think no one really able to beat her grace on stage, she may not have the craziest dance move but I could tell she got the best cheering fan’s choir ever. She recieved her Icon Award on Billboard presented by her son René-Charles Angelil now also following her footsteps on music industry, by the way for the record I put his soundclouds below under name Big Tip. Going back to the performance she slayed with the gown that got the puffy style that I could never able to pull it off, and she did her stage perfectly, she deserved that standing oviation from the crowd. I can’t wait for what’s next she’s going to give for her fans. And last but not least her experiment with different genre for me is the best thing ever, because she just got it right, and the songs fit her perfectly 🙂 ❤

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