SpaceSpeakers – nhóm nhạc Underground hàng đầu Việt Nam

So guys if you don’t know yet there is this group called Spacespeakers 🙂 actually I want to listen to Logic’s Everyday but actually there are songs about Everyday..From A$AP featuring Rock Stewart and Miguel, Logic, WINNER they have made the amazing interpretation of Everyday.  Spacespeakers is a Vietnam-based music collective, formed back in 2011, the members : Touliver , Rhymastic ,Andree , JustaTee , Kimmese , Soobin Huang , BC , Mr.A ,Cuong 7. Based on what I got after seeing the growing music industry in Asia I could say that actually hip – hop genre is more being accepted, its not related to gangster anymore. Although some  elders still might thinking of that but the youngsters nowadays couldn’t live without it I could say.

I could say that G Dragon played a huge role in this, and the Japanese music industry, person like KOHH, the Teriyaki Boyz, are also inspired the young generations to dressed like them 🙂 Japan I supposed has the most original unique street style that I personally think the K-Pop industry adopted it very well. Moving back to Spacespeakers I love the song although I don’t speak Vietnamese at all. What I could tell they have 3 ladies as the main character each of them got their own burdens, one lady got pregnant, another lady has such an abusive relationship, and another one she got her work jeopardized with the boss, and boss kind off touchy to her..anyways sorting your own problems could be your daily thing in I could say that’s the reason on why the title called Everyday. The song itself is not based on heavy hip hop I supposed, they have more R&B vibes to it, and very chill, the music video was done beautifully too. The characterization of the characters were easier to understand for those who got language barriers. But its the song that I will still listen to it although I don’t watch the video too.These days I listen to a lot of English music too, I feel like so far my favourite artists have not putting any new released just yet, and also since some of them going to the military service, I think its a good opportunity to explore new music through other part of the countries.

I think its very interesting to see the plot of the same title song through the eyes of different artists, and language too. I could say its a very interesting journey for me because I could know what the people on specific countries love to listen to 🙂 for me I don’t mind the language, although I don’t fully get it, but its proven that although we might speak in different language, the genre, or the expressions really speak the most.

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