Daesung is one of the member of BIGBANG that making a huge impact in Japan. No doubt that he’s personality, and his talent is really complement each other, Daesung is relatively known for having his own genre in BIGBANG. Compare to G Dragon, Taeyang and T.O.P. that mostly pursue hip hop and R&B genre, Daesung transformed himself to a rockstar, and a trot singer.

Whats interesting about him is that you can’t really expect what will he give the fans next, in Gwisoon is mostly a funny song, telling someone is falling in love to much a famous, good looking guy, while Shut Up is a song that combined R&B and Rock vibes. Daesung is currently serving his mandatory military service, we can’t wait for Daesung on the next release of the album.

Before his military service he release a Japanese studio album for the fans, I think for the fans is really the best, and one of the memorable gift to the fans before the mandatory military service. He also proofing that just because you’re from YG, doesn’t mean you have to do hip hop or R&B songs, overall see you soon Daesung.

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