Happy 9th Year Day 2NE1

Hii BlackJacks out there..I’m one of those girls, I was in 6th grade back then..all my friends were listening to I Don’t Care 🙂 so also listen to it by then, although I’m not a huge “huge” fan of K-Pop but actually the catch phrase I Don’t Care e  e e e e, actually always be in my mind, and even my mum followed using that catch phrase. I was so sad, heart broken the day when they got officially disbanded.

Hey playboy, it’s about time and your time’s up
I had to do this one for my girls, you know
Sometime you gotta act like you don’t care

I think Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy are the girls that basically portrayed those perfect independent ladies..and yup being a girl got dumped it doesn’t mean that you can have enough griefs to do it..because there are so many reason that you guys are more worth it than being dumped #NOLZA

My eyes are filled with shining stars

Yup although they were criticized because the way the look but they gave me confident on being myself…and every women are actually beautiful they way they are and we should support each other baby..thank you for being the FIRE being bold, cool…

Every girlgroups doing pretty, sexy vibes now but even you guys doing like a badass vibes you can’t beat them or the GO AWAY song

Yup you got your team’s up when you’re down, or worst case scenario heart break 🙂 I mean this song is really helps you out on having a big heart break time..go away aaaaa ay… #girlpower 🙂 you don’t have time man to have painful breakup love love is over tonight 🙂 

“you ain’t shit without your crew”

I keep falling in love falling in love

I can’t stop falling in love with 2NE1 since they just inspired me just being me..myself and not care about what other people said about me even I got my AMBUSH brand earring and people stared at me I don’t care anymore since they, 2NE1 do it so I can do it too 🙂

To be honest with everyone I’m not the girl that’s really sociable with anyone..because I’m quiet but once you know me I guess you’ll know that I’m not that cold, or mean..and because I knew 2NE1 I know that its okay being different..

Unnies : CL, DARA, MINZY, BOM I know you guys did not COMEBACK HOME, but it always GOTTA BE YOU for my playlist

There are moments in my life that I think I’m nothing or I’m not useful for other people..although my parents pushed me to be positive, but sometimes there are people who said that I’m weird or not good enough so I always listen to I AM THE BEST before any big event, or something that will make me nervous

Last but not least, nothing last forever right ? even though its painful we have to parted ways..there will be always a way to go home or reunite in the future 🙂 I hope that one day we can see 2NE1 together again…Good Bye means not the end but its just the beginning…Now they will have such a beautiful new road..and we can support all the members as we are ONE family, and BLACKJACKS 


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  1. A-kpop-story says:

    I was never a blackjack but I have to admit that I was saddened when 2ne1’s disbandment was announced; they were a bit neglected by the company and that is quite unfair. I was more saddened by the way many reacted as if these women had never contributed to kpop and its history.

    1. aaw 🙂 🙁 I think the netizens are also one of the caused, they hate them and threw shades on them, but when they gone they were like ooo its not fun, the fact that they able to pulled of those songs that not all of girls have the courage to do so..makes me feel that is okay to be different..people starred at me all the time when I use my AMBUSH brand stuffs I don’t know why ..since I’m a fan of Teriyaki Boyz too..anyway thank you love reading it though 🙂

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