See You in 21 May Guys

Whats Up everyone I just finished my International Trade essay for this Friday and more upcoming assignments to come.

photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

So guys one of my current favourite artist is Rich Brian or by Brian Immanuel, if you live in Melbourne and going to the concert in 21 May 2018 let me know guys by tweet me back or write on the commeScreen Shot 2018-05-03 at 5.20.40 PM.pngnt down below 🙂 so we can take a photo 🙂 if you want. Since I’m vertically challenge I’m going to wear high heels, and definitely I’m going to dressed up 🙂



I definitely can’t wait to see the live version of the singles like Dat $tick, Glow Like That, Cold, for the live version. And since this time Rich Brian is not coming alone, he will come with NIKI, another Indonesian counterpart, and she is such an amazing singer. She was the opening act for Taylor Swift Red in Jakarta back in few years ago. Her vocal ability is no joke, she got the R&B vibes that able to make you chill, and her voice itself its just distinct compare to other musicians at her age.


Dat $tick was the video that went on viral back then, and this song catapult Rich Brian career into stardom, although its meant to be just for fun, he succeeded and he proofed that he is not only just a joke for the world to see him. Although to make the next music its definitely not easy, because of the viral power..but once again the way he put out his music out there its just apparent to the music fans. Glow Like Dat is one of his songs that I really enjoy for the recent released, for me there is something about just being fun in the sunflower field, but its actually a break up song, yup it is his break up song with his online dating site.


I think I’ve put my thoughts on his music on the Made in Indonesia post, that I posted 🙂 but I do really love this music, and lastly NIKI will be joining Rich Brian on the Australian tour. As a fan of R&B and hip hop music, its definitely will be an interesting moment for Indonesian fan to see Indonesian artists here in Melbourne. For more NIKI music videos you can check on 88rising YouTube channel or instagram. NIKI voice got her own delicacy, so it will make the music sounds “sweeter” than it looks, and she produced by her own on the latest single.

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