1th Month Anniversary

Hii guyss how are you today ? today is 1th May, Melbourne time 🙂 thank you soo much for reading my blog 🙂 ❤ its really meaningful to me 🙂 thank you for all the reader all around the world 🙂 I really want to say thank you with all of my gratitude, hence I want to share my top 10 on my most played songs on my iTunes.

1 Mino- Fear

So who doesn’t love Song Minho these days in South Korea, everyone know him well after the show NJTTW, and SMTM, but his artistry is one of the best out there. The song itself is something that really personal to me because I’m always feeling nervous on whatever I’m doing in my life, and yup 🙂 I listen to this song everytime I got worry.

2. Fort Minor – Where’d You Go

I love slow rap songs compare to heavy fast rap, although I love Gucci Gang but my life is not always balling, and flexing #stillastudent ❤ and I have problems to face too, this song is reminded me of someone that I love or miss, since its a general love song, in which it doesn’t have to be your girlfriend or boyfriend is a plus point for this song. By the way I want to rambling a little, there is something happened in a close community in my hometown back in Indonesia, somehow I’m so pissed with this family but I can’t do nothing to help the guy’s family that probably got hurt so I’m planning to dissed them when I’m back. hahahha #touché

3. Eminem – Not Afraid

Definitely its a contrast song to Fear, this song is a song that you need to listen when you’re going to face someone, or going to an exam. Basically this song give you empowerment, and self control (I think). And this song is a song that told you going back to your old habbits are wrong. So yeah and its an IDGAF song that basically F*CK YOU if your going to touch me hahahha 🙂 and its a self reflection song.

4. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

I think its clear already that I grew up watching Fast and Furious franchise, but this song is a song where you can play at your graduation, or basically a tribute to anyone that you loved, but gone already ❤ and its a family song ❤ I just crying when the song released back then.

5. Linkin Park – Good Goodbye

Linkin Park is in the HOUSEEEE !!!! yup I love Linkin Park, and I grow up listening to it, even though some people got be like what are you doing when I sing to their songs hahaha but yeah this is a cool song by Linkin Park latest album, and mixing it with other genre make it sounds cooler, my other favourite is Irridescent.

6. Aqua Timez-Alones

So guys you know that I love Bleach anime right ? I mean their opening songs were one of the best back then when I was in middle school, and definitely Aqua Timez still make such amazing music. but if you live outside Japan you can’t view their YouTube channel, but you can still look at them on spotify 🙂 ❤ so this song is still talks about loneliness. I don’t know why I feel like a lot to be lonely but, I’m not complaining though, its just something personal.

7. Utada Hikaru – Byouyaku

Well this song is pretty underrated I guess, but I still love the song, my songs are actually stay in the same topic..am I right ? despair, broken heart, KOHH unique tone complimented Utada’s soft voice so thats works for this song 🙂 somehow I managed to find this song after checking out KOHH list of collaborations. This song has its own melodic tempo so when you want to sleep you can play this songs, especially the heartbeat effects on the intro actually gives you chills.

8. G Dragon- Crooked

Actually this song used to be on my  no 1 playlist, but as the time goes by I love music that give me more sentimental feels to it. I’m not saying that I hate GD but its just I love more songs that got slower beats 🙂 but I love this song too the chapter of the main theme of this song is still under a heartbreaking song, but he sang it on energetic way ❤ check it out if you haven’t see it.


Placing on no 9 is none other the greatest 2NE1 ❤ what a love, this song give you the ability to have confident on yourself even if you don’t have one. Cause you know what each of us got the best in ourselves and no matter what don’t listen to others if they called you useless, ugly, fat or whatever they want to say..Cause we’re billion dollar baby 🙂

10. 2NE1 – Goodbye

My last list is also 2NE1 Goodbye, since its their final single as a group the song is way more sentimental to me…as a fan I’m so sad that they got disbanded but most important thing is we should be happy because it happened 🙂 and they achieve a lot during their times. Haters will gonna hate but our queens will never die 🙂 #2ne1fourever there is no other girlgroup like them.

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