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Hi guys I hope everyone are okay today…Have you guys ever heard of Kei. G, if not than its my first time ever too. You know that right know the only thing when you want to know about more indie musician is through social media ❤ basically since I don’t have TV in Melbourne, but the hardworking netizens dayumnnn I love you guys

🖤 🖤 🖤

Apparently Kei. G was signed to Planetarium Records in South Korea, actually if you asked where’s his face than I couldn’t find his face photo, but I did able to find his social media account. so be sure to checking him out. 🙂 but anyway Kei. G is not even showing himself but you can see his face on his instagram. But actually as long as his music are awesome it doesn’t matter right ?

So Kei. G is a R&B artist I love R&B soo much because its so calming, but a lot of artists from Planetarium Records are amazing too, there are Jung Jinwoo, and Villain. What I love about them is definitely the vibes given by them. For Jinwoo’s and Villain’s MV they are also on this page but you need to scrolled it down for more. 😉

I could suggests this artist for those who loves Zion. T, CRUSH, possible for Jung Joon Il lovers too, and if you love Roy Kim definitely you will love the guys from Planetarium Records.





















Guys since I’m not an expert in Korean, definitely when I’m looking at a song most important thing is the beat, and second is the voice tone. Translations of the lyrics are definitely so much helpful but if they don’t have one actually I don’t mind, because from your tone I could say you can express your emotion ❤ but to be honest for me guys I love soloist so much hahahaha you can see it on my post I rarely put a group’s song right ? its because I love listening to US musician right, and I get used to listen to soloist, unless you’re a rockband ❤ and I love indie musician, just because they have something more unique in terms of everything, and point of view. So be sure checking this guys out. ❤ ❤  PS : if you guys know more about this guys be sure to comment down below 🙂 


SPECIAL SHOUT OUTTT ❤ – this articles actually help me to know about Kei. G thanks to Song Minho fansclub : )  so I can find another amazing artist (guys you need to check out Kei.G) 


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