Getting Wild with Doberman Infinity

Hi guys while taking some rest, I thought why I don’t write one last chapter for today ? We all now these days familiar with K-Pop, but honestly there are wide genre out there that you guys definitely should check them out. My personal opinion is that all music are amazing, and they are worth it to be listen. So first is called Finally be honest with you guys I don’t really understand most of the words but I could tell its a love song.the rap part on this song was done beautifully, and definitely its compliment the vocal on the song. But from Google Translate the thing that I got is something like “just go away, I’m on my way, memories are forgotten” so I assume its something to do with such a painful break up.


There is another song called to You with this song the story line is more clear, its plotted on the video, so just in case you don’t get the song meaning in general, you can understand through body language people..

yup there’s no reason for you for hating music that is not even your language because music is a universal language…:) So for to You you can see how a guy protect his girlfriend at no matter what condition..aaw such a cute couple ❤ actually they have a sweet story but they packed it well, something that’s way not to drama-ry


I would say that I really recommend Doberman Infinity for someone that love EXILE Tribe, BIGBANG, WINNER, they have such an amazing rappers on their team, for OFF ROAD is a little bit different compare to both songs above. This song shared more a fun vibes, dance feel like, and definitely you can use it as a workout music, but the two above are my favourite hehehe. Doberman Infinity already done a soundtrack as well for High and Low the guys need to check it out on YouTube channel. FYI Doberman Infinity is on the same label as EXILE Tribe, as for OFF ROAD Doberman Infinity display their different coloured with more street style feel, and more swag compare to both songs above, but the more vulnerable the song is the better it is for me hahahha…anyways let me know on the comment section below.



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