Swaggering Up

Yup aside from music I love fashion too, I love avant garde fashion, like Alexander McQueen, the runaway version of Thom Browne, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake, and more but I love style like James Dean..actually I feel like James Dean style got the vibes of classy bad boy image…I personally think that your fashion helps your performance ofn live stage much better too..So let’s start


I actually know G-Eazy from Suicide Squad’s soundtrack You Don’t Own Me, actually the key point of G-Eazy’s style is pomade, comb, and dressed like a rockstar..some people might not really like his songs but actually his style is the best though, some people thought he was a rocker instead of a rapper because of his styling..but since this is a music blog I’ll put my favourite song(s) too and my thoughts on it.

Him & I was directed by G-Eazy himself along with his girlfriend Halsey, you can see that its very artistically directed, and the finishing also very film-ish look video. The facts that they are dating and make the song titled Him & I is very sweet, you can see that they are so in love together. Although G-Eazy is not my favourite rapper of all time but I have to admit his style is on point, and Him & I is awesome..giving me Bonnie and Clyde vibes,  I love that kind of vibes.

Song Minho

At this point of this blog you’ll be like why you put Song Minho, KOHH in almost every post..basically they got aesthetic that only them are able to pulled it of. I actually love this kind of Song Minho, not the baggy ones. Because the way that he looks on the photo giving me those James Dean vibes that I like, leather jacket, like damnn gurll. Also because I think I love the tone of both rappers that are not way to crazy, and deep voice so I can easily fall asleep when I’m too tired.

But don’t worry guys I always put Body, Fear, I’m Him right ? its because as a fan we’re waiting for Mino’s videos and upcoming solo album. I love Okey Dokey because its a fun song, the last two songs by Mino is super sexy I could say, based on the translation that I got, and its not really my style I hope he will be up with more sentimental songs like Fear on his upcoming album 🙂



KOHH is definitely someone that everyone should keep an eye on, he is multi talented from walking down on Paris Fashion Week as both model and front row, he also starred in movie, and designing. I personally think that his fashion is one of the best out there, there is something about his style that’s very Japanese, with his IDGAF attitude, its definitely gives you another level of vibes. Not only that he also featured on the World Star Hip Hop YouTube channel.

To match with his style I choose If I Die, some of KOHH’s song sometimes talk about his late father, and his mother who once an addict. Although there are moments that he put songs that are full of flexing 🙂 but he put it on the best vibes..if you know what I mean.. there is another song called Real Love that I love, and his collaboration with Utada Hikaru also left a deep impression.

A$AP Rocky

Rocky is one of the example who pulled of street casual, with high end brand..I mean being the face of Dior means that your style is no joke right ?? also being the leader of a such amazing collective that the world watching means you need to be ready to be photograph 24/7 right ? I learn from his style on mix and match, and black and white clothes are definitely staple.

Although fashion is important, but for me music is come first since they’re a musician L$D is one of my favourite other than his recent release A$AP Forever. As usual his videos are amazing too, his videos visual are always on point, which means they don’t look disturbing as well. A$AP Forever, and L$D are songs that got the chill vibes, FYI I preferred chill rap over super fast raps these days, probably since exams are coming up so I want to chill my self a bit 🙂

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