So guys if you already read my blog..I’m a fan of EXILE Tribe right ?…you haven’t check them out or you can have the link down below at the very last of this post 🙂

Elly or going by the name with CRAZYBOY just released a music video LOCO, if you haven’t see it you can see it on this page including the honorable mentions. So I personally think their music videos are always epic..also I love the music because its fun there are things that’s only EXILE TRIBE boys are able to pulled it off…

So basically they have a lot of themes that they brought to their music videos, for example their videos for Dimiitri Vegas & Like Mike from HiGH & LOW ORIGINAL BEST ALBUM, you can see that the videos is very jump packed with this lighting, and also since they have a lot member is very unique for boy group as well, but they still managed to pulled it off.


Double Play

Tropical Paradise

By the way guys you really need to check him out because aside from rapping Elly/CRAZY BOY is really good at dancing, like if you love Taeyang you need to check Elly out because Elly is just effortless..like when you dance but like you don’t think of it… also the vibes that given from his songs they got this tropical feels, and also very likeable.

For me Loco video is more aesthetic compare to any videos, because it simple, its really something that I could enjoy, if you love Jason Derullo, Taeyang, you definitely will like Elly 🙂 But honestly Elly pulled a lot of styles if you want something that’s more crazy definitely check out for Double Play..if you love the colour vibes on G Dragon’s Crayon then you will like Double Play. Most of Elly’s songs are the songs that you can enjoy on the gym or party house..its an awesome thing to do. But if you want something to accompany you for your drive I’ll recommend Tropical Paradise, as I said tropical feel will be the best for you on this summer vacation..this areas exclude Australia and New Zealand people 🙂 we’re going to have winter soon ❤

who’s ready to get winter ? me..noo I hate the rainy weather in Melbourne

But definitely for my playlists for this winter some artists will accompany my winter days 🙂 so check it out what will I write for the blog post..On June I’ll have exams so definitely I’m not going to post as regular as usual but weekend will do 🙂

For the honorable mentions, they are the songs that Elly is not acted as the main artist but my favourite song is Bow Down guyssss..like who doesn’t love uncle Snoop ???

I love uncle Snoop because he is so funny and relatable. ❤

 PS the Gif is from tumblr and also SMTM 7 will happen this year 🙂 and uncle Snoop went to the show once…

Honorable mentions of Elly

Hiroomi Tosaka ft CRAZYBOY

PKCZ ft Snoop Dogg CRAZY BOY and Yultron


What do you guys think about Elly/CRAZY BOY let me know on the comment section down below and also let me know what’s your favourite songs too 🙂 and you can check for the EXILE tag here

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