Mike Shinoda’s New Chapter

For those who missed Mike Shinoda for sometimes he’s back..this year alone Mike already released 6 music videos for his upcoming Post Traumatic album, just today he got About You featuring blackbear.


On June 15 2018 the full album of Post Traumatic by Mike Shinoda will be out, the Post Traumatic album for me its something thats centered Mike Shinoda himself. The artwork, the videos, and the lyrics are done by Mike Shinoda himself. He started to recorded his songs after the aftermath of Chester passed. Definitely its not only shook Mike but also the Linkin Park family, and fanbase. About You is a song where Mike stated its not about Chester but still feel like its about Chester..the video was filmed during Mike’s latest trip to Shanghai if you followed his social media.

I feel really lucky to be in a band where the guys, for all the opportunities to do things that potentially would be good for them but detrimental to the group, that everybody stayed loyal to the whole. -Mike Shinoda

Its definitely hard to coming up after your bestfriend suddenly passed, and actually Mike’s way of coming out from depression is something that everyone could look up to. There are some songs that contained Mike’s rap, but there are songs that’s just contained Mike’s rock vibes.

Actually for Post Traumatic album its more like a diary album, so the story build up upon one another songs, you can see that most of the videos Mike Shinoda recorded himself, and edit the videos by himself..yup Mike is super talented with arts πŸ™‚ For this album he is known to be Mike Shinoda himself not Linkin Park or Fort Minor. The title called Place to Start is one of my favourite track from the album.

Place to Start

I don’t have a leg to stand on
Spinning like a whirlwind, nothing to land on
Came so far, never thought it’d be done now

Over Again

We rehearsed it for a month, I’m not worried about the set
I get tackled by the grief at times that I would least expect
I know what I should be doing when I’m singing but instead
We’ll be playing through a song and I’d remember in my head

Watching As I Fall

Maybe I should be more grateful
That I had to watch it all come undone
Holding so tight to the edge is painful
But I can’t ignore it, I know

Crossing A Line

They’ll tell you I don’t care anymore
And I hope you’ll know that’s a lie
‘Cause I’ve found what I have been waiting for
But to get there means crossing a line

Nothing Make Sense Anymore

My inside’s out, my left is right
My upside’s down, my black is white
I hold my breath, and close my eyes
And wait for dawn, but there’s no light

Actually its definitely Mike Shinoda’s most honest album ever, he also known to be very good at fan service, for Crossing A Line people can see that it will be featuring some of Linkin Park’s fans, Mike Shinoda invited the fans to joined him on filming his music video.. what a best time πŸ™‚ ❀ he addressed a lot of reference to the late Chester..its definitely something that happened out of your control..even it I don’t know Chester personally but I grew up listening to their albums….so when it will not happened anymore it made me sad 😦

Overall Mike I can’t wait for the full album to be released, hopefully we can see you on the award shows as well.missing everyone being on stage too πŸ™‚ and don’t forget to leave me a comment down below πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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