BTS Performance on Billboard Music Awards

Hii guys I hope everyone are okay with their hectic days 🙂 so you guys must heard that BTS will perform at the Billboard Music Awards right ? 🙂 actually they are such an amazing boy group. I personally think they are amazing right now, with the huge amount of fans, popularity and such a skills definitely they can catch the eyes of the world. Even Jared Leto my favourite singer stated it too 🙂 I don’t want to start a fan war since basically I’m not biased against anyone..I will say that my favourite artist didn’t do well when I don’t like their particular released 🙂

I personally think everyone will anticipate their performance since they will have a new song as well, and actually they really energetic right..? so its very eye catching they also got this very pop-ish colour that I think they pulled off so well. I think it catches the audience internationally, just because it stood out.. 🙂 also I think their songs are really good to be a workout songs 🙂 somehow thats what I think about Fire. But even the other songs like Blood, Sweat, and Tears, also DNA they’re good for workout classes, like ZUMBA

PS : I thought BTS stan for Blood Tears and Sweat..I’m so sorry to the fans out there because I’m not following comebacks even my favourite ones too 🙂 also because most of my friends are the one that introduced me to K-Pop, but now I know 🙂 




I like the colourful toned on their music video though, because I’m very monochromatic kind of girl 🙂 🙂 🙂 but there are songs that are good to listen up, when you want to chill for a little 🙂 like Save ME, and Spring Day ( my friend said this is good so I listened to it ) also for both songs their video shoot in a more cinematic way..rather than highly equipped animation video.. 🙂

Actually Spring Day is really nice it started to gets me in too actually. I knew that they also work with UNICEF, and they raised $600 millions for the Love Myself campaign, so I think its important to spread good deeds too because a lot of teenagers losing their confidence at a young age, or when they start to enter adulthood, as I said guys don’t judge book my its cover. You may not like the people who sing it but you can enjoy the song so I really recommend people to listen to it, and also music is a universal language so yeahh…why not.




I honestly love the vibes when they don’t have much intense dance move hahahaha I’m not a big dance fan so sorry guys..but overall I love their music. I thought what they’re doing is dope, and I think it could be a bridge between East and the West too, I just want to tell to the fans out there not to be hurt or having fan war its ridiculous because even the artists themselves and not wary about it <3 also two…nope 4 thumbs up for BTS 🙂 I can’t wait for the stage and review it on the Billboard Special…I’m looking forward to it.

But yeah their slower songs OMG I can’t its so amazing guyss so please keep your eyes on BTS 🙂  PS : guys its purely my opinion I don’t hate anyone or anything 🙂 I like all the songs but I prefer slower tempo 🙂

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