Recently Sky-Hi just released a brand new single for Gundam’s newest movie called Diver’s High. I knew about Sky-Hi through his group AAA (Triple A) I really like his rap actually..I got it from the instagram page of jpopmania 🙂 Anyway I could say that AAA is a very cool vibes group to be honest, and I love their member’s solos activities as well.  Actually on my blog I tried to write divers music as much as I can, and actually since I live in Melbourne now..I miss Asian culture soo much..I miss a lot so I guess their music is one of my favourite things to see.. 🙂 ❤ and also I try to make everyone become more familiar with Asian music, because its more than just one genre in Asia..

So I could say Diver’s High is a fun song, there is a little bit of rock-ish element on the song. But I really enjoy the song..also actually I’m taking Japanese next semester so wish me all the best for my uni life people… ❤ actually I’m planning to take Japanese in order to understand better of the language 🙂 so I can understand more of their songs 🙂 and I’ll try to translate some of the lyrics 🙂 But I love the overall vibes given, also the video is very aesthetically you can literally focused on the artist himself.. but I also got other videos of SKY-HI MVs that I think you guys you know too.

Diver’s High

What Kind

Okay the What Kind video is not really the typical music video that you guys usually able to see. There’s a little bit of Yami Kawaii character on that, actually I love Yami Kawaii you can see more the documentary of it on Refinery29

If you guys wondering what’s Yami Kawaii, so its a style when you combine cute and scary-ness I don’t know but the video pulled the style very well I guess. The beats on the music on this song is heavy-mid-tempo, there’s a little bit of trap influenced too. I guess the video depicts the guy who was once bullied..but at the same time he got like this duality..<3 a little bit like Alice in Wonderland vibes too I lovee it. ❤ ❤ ❤ also the key point of this song is SKY-HI’s fast rapp its like DAYUMNNN GURLLL


Marble shares a different vibes to What Kind, Marble is more on summery vibes, and more chill trap. Marble shares more bright side of SKY-HI’s song..I also like the way the music video shoot, because there’s not much animations, and the lighting is also beautifully done, and you can see the artist himself.

I could see myself got this song into my playlist, actually lately I’m so into Japanese music again.. 🙂 since when I was younger I love Japanese songs I love manga, anime, but I don’t have much time anymore. Marble shares a dreamy like video, due to the word 夢 or Yume means dream..I enjoy it.. actually some of Japanese artists got such an awesome songs that you really need to look out ❤ 

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