Masaharu Fukuyama


You guys probably going to asking me..why an actor appeared on a music blog ? the thing is Masaharu Fukuyama also a singer. You probably know him through the movie Like Father Like Son, by Hirokazu Koreeda the movie won Jury Price in Cannes Film Festival 2013. Like Father Like Son is a movie about a family that their son switched and the father learned about loving a child that not his own, but I could say the movie is more focus on fatherhood compare to Train to Busan πŸ™‚ so its my favourite and Train to Busan is my second fave. I’ll linked the trailer.

There are two songs that I really love, first is Greatest Love, and second ones is Sakurazaka ft WISE from Teriyaki Boyz. Actually Sakurazaka got its own original version, the original version is more fall into the pop-rock version while WISE later remix it and it got more R&B vibes, I love both version but WISE add more freshness to the song, so the youngster could still enjoy the song although its a bit old now πŸ™‚ .The song I could say is very sweet song πŸ™‚ The Greatest Love is also very enjoyable song, Greatest Love is more on the acoustic song but you can enjoy it at anytime πŸ™‚

So far guys I know that not everyone of you actually know him πŸ™‚ but I guess I’m fair enough on reviewing on music on my page here, but also feel free on what’s other music that I should check it out or probably write a review about it. But remember my favourite genre πŸ™‚ lol but for me when I’m listening to music, its important to heard the music first before the music video, because music video is so biased..I mean it can making me love the song even the meaning is not really there… By the way Masaharu Fukuyama is also on check it out

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