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So many of you probably nowadays definitely familiar with K-Pop right ? even me I love their mixing with tropical, dance, disco, with their hip-hop vibes, but actually I love Jazz and R&B vibes too, but for the differences you can check it out here

I could say that these days I love more on slower songs, something that are able to put my mindset to relax a little bit, rather than being the “swaggy” part of my life..I mean at some point of my life I feel like I want to relax a little bit, and at ease. Actually most of Kim Dong Ryul’s song contained such a heartbreaking stories. This are the playlist of Kim Dong Ryul’s of mine.

      1. Compromise(양보) Feat. Wanted


Do you believe in your love
Can you do as well as me

당신의 사랑을 믿나요
나만큼 잘 해줄 수 있나요

So the first two lines of the song is already so sad, but honestly its worth to listen to it, because the song is able to put you into sleep. My motto is a good song always able to put you to bed, or at least making you sleepy because it means you can listen to it at any moments or mood.

2. How I Am

Interestingly its very rare for Kim Dong Ryul to appears on his music video, but actually he put a top notch actors on his music video PS : he got a good eyes, he put the actor that got this very manly looks, that even mums generation will like the music video.  How I Am is a story of moving on from your lover. ❤

Back then, when we were in love
Why were our hearts fluttering so much, why were we so happy?
I was always excited, as if I had the whole world
I couldn’t imagine being without you, that’s how I am

Although I don’t have a boyfriend yet or experiencing a broken heart but I enjoy the song, even before Train to Busan and Goblin became a hit.

For this music video Gong Yoo portrayed the broken hearted man, I personally think that he really fitted for the theme of the song I don’t know why but he always portrayed a pitiful character but honestly he still awesome 🙂

3. Reply

Kim Dong Ryul is back in 2018, after his hiatuses, but everytime he put new musics it became a hit without a huge promotions or fandom, its important that public really love you honestly rather than a huge fandoms.

I’m lost again and

There is the foolish me, who is wandering as time sweeps me around

I go against the time that I have lost you and

There is the foolish me, who floats around

I go back to the time when you were around and

There is the foolish me, who stands still

One thing that I realized on his music is that they all related to make the girl’s hurt, honestly I personally think that How I Am is related to Reply, with Reply as the second chapter of the story…

4. Puzzle

I feel like rhythm wise Puzzle is my favourite “happy” chapter of Kim Dong Ryul

넌 나에게 알 수 없는 수수께끼
You are a mystery to me

언제나 한 조각 모자라는 퍼즐처럼
Like a puzzle missing a piece

I guess for Puzzle is a song for someone that start to get falling in love..its like you being curious in one moment and onwards, you’re wondering what kind of person is the guy that you’re in love with it..I honestly have no idea with the guy that I like. hahahaha I guess that’s the point of a puzzle, you build it piece by piece until it will form as 1 picture ❤


Anyways people let me know what do you think about my page and don’t forget to advice me another artists or song that I can check it up 🙂 ❤ actually it doesn’t matter the language I’ll try my best to find the translation to better understanding.


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