JJ Lin Playlist

Hi there how are you guys ? I hope everyone are able to survive their Monday routines 🙂 ❤ I have such a bad-good weekend actually and I try to get back and focus for my next tasks 🙂 as recommended by my fellow blogger Alien Ideology for JJ Lin’s music

So my friend recommended me few songs ;

不為誰而作的歌 Twilight
可惜沒如果 If Only
偉大的渺小 Little Big Us (English version: Until The Day. Same melody but different lyrics)
黑夜問白天 53‭ ‬Dawns (My favorite. Depressing and reminiscent, yet very beautiful and full of wisdom)
修煉愛情 Practice Love
她說 She Says
穿越 Stay
From my own knowledge I knew Twilight but not the rest 🙂 so I’m going to write about my thoughts 🙂 I could say that JJ Lin is definitely recommended for those who love Sam Smith, Adele, and Jung Joon Il.. ❤


Twilight ; for the song is full with emotions, its very my type of song, as you may probably know that I really love sad songs. But yeah it is my favourite song  among JJ Lin’s song 🙂

For this song the key words such as 回頭竟然認不得 means I looked back and couldn’t remember, it such very sad to me 😦  I could say this song is very relatable to Jung Joon Il’s Hug Me..I really love this song ❤


She Says ; This is another sad song from JJ Lin, what I like about sad songs are actually they are more relatable compare to the happy songs one. The sentence 他慢慢帶走沉默 means He slowly took away the silence, 還是沒有帶走了寂寞 means but he still didn’t take away the loneliness..those parts are very relatable when you don’t have a friend or probably when your love journey is come to an end.  For me this is the most perfect winter song..where everything turns out so cold..and winter is coming this June for Australia and New Zealand areas.. so behold guys ❤ hahahhaha


Before Sunrise ; This song is really good, for me it got a little bit of R&B vibes beats yet you can hear the percussion and also a little bit of acoustic on the background, but JJ Lin is really a singer that you can relate from his music. For me personally a good song can also put you to bed, it means is good for you to have fun but also good when you want to get a rest 🙂

My honorable mentions for my playlist

JJ Lin ft Jason Mraz ; Anyone will always remembered Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours right so this song got that nice guitar acoustic vibes perfect for your summer.


JJ Lin ft Jung Yong Hwa ; for this song you got a little bit of rock vibes with the CN Blue front man Jung Yong Hwa, definitely sounds so cool, its a bit more intense compare to She Says, or Twilight but it worth for checking it out.


So anyways guys let me know guys what kind of music that I should listen to next….I’m interested in particularly R&B vibe with a little bit of pop, rock, and also hip-hop 🙂 let me know don’t forget to comment to0 :)))

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  1. Witt Lowry and XXXTENTACION.
    Especially Witt, he is pretty indie, but all this raps are filled with emotions, and some of their flows are great.
    Fast and good flow:
    My Mistake
    I Could Not Plan This (Very good, especially the end)
    Piece of Mind 3 (A special song talking about values in this society)

    Sad songs:
    Last Letter (His BEST work so far, most emotional. About his father who died from cancer)
    Wonder If You Wonder
    Better For Me
    Losing You

    And of course, the happier love songs:
    Kindest Regards

    For x, I like
    Jocelyn Flores
    Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares
    Carry On
    before i close my eyes

    Sorry if I’m recommending too much. I don’t really enjoy K-pop, so I only read the artists recommended from you that I enjoy. Have a good day!

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  2. okies I’ll put it ASAP 🙂 no worries I don’t really know much about them until my friend introduced me..it really depends on how you like music just try to find artist that similar to your vibes 🙂 ❤ and also I listen to a lot of different music lolsss

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