So Hyolyn the ex-SISTAR member just comeback with her new single called Dally 효린or called other wise in English on google translate, but it can be something casual romantic or something related to sexiness, this time she made the single as well as the collaborator GRAY from AOMG, you probably know him from Show Me the Money.

So for this song as usual GRAY beats everyone ears with the dope, amazing beats, and for the song itself I love the R&B vibes given by Hyolyn herself. For me personally I don’t really know her previous group’s song, but I love her voice so much ❤  🙂 I think the R&B vibe suits Hyolyn voice so much, and for the rap part on this song, GRAY sounds faster than his usual raps I guess. I mean I love GRAY don’t get me wrong 🙂 but yeah GRAY’s fast rap ❤ and Hyolyn though I can see why people love her so much. And I totally love on what GRAY did in Show Me the Money 5.


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I also saw Hyolyn on few Unpretty Rapstar episodes (Note : not really following the show 😦 ) and she’s a cool girl I think, I know that the video got few backlash because the way she dances is a little bit provocative..But its 2018 people. I can see why they thought like that but one problem here is that when male singer/rapper does sexy concepts the whole fans/fandom support them, but when female does it they complain.. But to be honest I will like the music even before I watch the whole music video…

I mean her vocal slays so much, and the beat is something that international fans would like to listen as well, since I think the trend of the music now is a little bit going back to the US, by the way guys not related thing..BIGBANG just got defeated by BTS right ?.. and don’t be sad people or fandoms out there ❤ because we live in different generations back in 2012 YouTube thingy is not as huge as now..and for those whose idols don’t get the 100 million views yet don’t worry that much ❤ I love all people out there ❤

Back to Dally, so yup its very hip-hop-py R&B-ish 2018, although Hylolyn dubbed as the Korean Beyoncé..there is no such thing people..Beyoncé is Beyoncé and Hyolyn is herself, their artistry is different so I don’t really like when Asian dubbed as the American counter parts ❤ they are themselves and artists are their own image not other people’s image ❤ I know its confusing..but yeah

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