Bad Girl RIRI


I personally I think there are 2 artists that public hardly to hate, first is Beyoncé, and second is Rihanna in order actually 🙂 I can just mumbling to Riri’s song in no order although I don’t remember the whole lyrics ❤ but yeah who doesn’t remember the legend track Umbrella, and also We Ride. I personally love Rihanna personality, she’s such a girl on point 🙂 and #swag. I always love Rihanna for her IDGAF style.

Rihanna’s soulful voice at least cheer me up during my down time, American Oxygen is one of my favourite these days, 🙂 too bad its a bit under-rated I guess..I mean in terms of video views usually Rihanna really kicks it hard..but quality over quantity right ? 🙂 so yeah American Oxygen is my favourite lately although I’m not American..

Although I’m not a party goer girl I love Rihanna’s Pour it Up, you know when there’s no one watching I love dancing crazily and being just me 🙂 ahhaha although the video is a bit too much for some elders but the bit man, is so sic. Actually frankly speaking I don’t think Rihanna ever got a bad song to record, I love Diamonds and also Presh Out the Runaway..


Actually Rihanna slays for every music even for Calvin Harris she’s dope, I used want to be like Rihanna…(what a dream) she can slays from swag full of charisma songs to the girly flirty type like What’s My Name with Drake..somehow even if I’m not falling in love yet I love to play the song..O Nana What’s my name.. Her collaboration with Pharrell Williams also amazing, she can rap, dance well, and love her style..



Anyways if anyone got their own Riri’s favourite let me know..


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