I’ll Keep the Promise


No matter what happens
Even when the sky is falling down
I’ll promise you
That I’ll never let you go- You and I by Park Bom

That’s the promise Park Bom, no matter what happens once a blackjack always a blackjack. I was waiting for the 2NE1’s comeback in 2016, but what I got was not a comeback but a disbandment news. I was sad because I don’t have a chance to see the perform live. However instead of mourning I have to said that better to keep moving forward and support all the artists, when I have a bad day or sad moments I try to calm myself through writing or drawing, but since I spend a lot of notebooks hahaha, I love to collect them, so I choose internet as my page.

Park Bom’s voice is really nice, honestly she got that awesome R&B voice that I think perfect for almost every song, for example on 2NE1’s In The Club, but her other songs are amazing too actually, before she was officially debuted with 2NE1 she also lent her voice for Bigbang, she also often collaborated with GDTOP subunit and G-Dragon himself for his Japanese album for the titled track Black.



I promise you that l’ll be right here baby


“I’m not going to be a singer unless I’m YG”

You and I is a very sweet song I can see it as a song that people will have it on their wedding day, honestly I love her voice, although I prefer her deep R&B voice, hahahha but the songs made for her is definitely for her for some reasons 🙂


It’s OK baby please don’t cry

Everything should be fine since you’re such an amazing singer Park Bom 🙂 as a blackjack I miss her performing and seeing her song swap the chart by strom 🙂 What I don’t like about the netizen they hate 2NE1 disbandment but still hating on the members….it doesn’t make sense. What I love about 2NE1 they exist with all the haters with no matter what, although they are awesome some people build this beauty standards, and I hate standardize stuffs, beauty is a perspective and every women are beautiful. So Park Bom don’t cry we’ll be by your side. Last time 2NE1 perform together was at MAMA 2015, and all of them showed up, and that’s it 🙂 memorable, epic

One thing for sure we should be happy because it happened and don’t cry when we say goodbye 🙂

I really want to have 2NE1 got their second chance once again, its hard to say but yeah..sometimes life doesn’t go as plan as your plan, and nothing last forever 🙂 it gives you heartbreak but their swagness will always be at our blackjacks right ?

Park Bom will definitely be awesome with her solo later, and lets cheer up, and support everyone no one is perfect,  and I hope Park Bom will have their solo songs 🙂

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