Jung Joon Il

Some people might noticed him through the hit drama Goblin after the provided the song called The First Snow, I actually noticed him through Bewhy’s list of collaborations. There is this song called plastic that I really love.

I think Jung Joon Il is specialised to write heartbreaking songs, even the ost The First Snow is very heartbreaking even if I don’t understand what he is saying but you can hear the tone of the voice on the song 🙂 actually most of his songs are very listenable even if you’re not a k-pop fans.

Honestly speaking if you love korean hip-hop songs, or R&B is not always k-pop, like its the same genre like what we listened from the West, but it got different languages on it, people love to be like if we like korean songs it means we’re a k-popers. To certain extend I understand that some fans are crazy, but it doesn’t mean you have to be like one too.

I feel like I really recommend you to listen to Jung Joon Il, if you love sentimental songs like The Script, and also Fort Minor’s Where’d You Go, or Utada Hikaru’s 宇多田ヒカル. What Jung Joon Il the best is his beat and his musical style is something that you can listen even when you’re so down and sad #sadsongsteam 🙂

I really love Plastic it depicts how heartbreak can affects someone else.
“Who will ever save me After I die,
Could I see something or darkness
Will there be anyone whose eyes get wet because of me ” – Plastic ft BewhY

thus if you really love music like somebody to die for you should listen to plastic, its a sad song but it really depends on how you view it since, the beat was done beautifully, but his OST songs are amazing too 🙂 Check him out



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