Samurai Guitarist : Miyavi

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I’ve realised how important having family is – Miyavi

Miyavi is a Japanese artist born in Osaka his father is part of Korean Japanese and his mother is Japanese, his father family known to be from Jeju. He is known as the Samurai Guitarist, because he is slapping the guitar while playing, he mix the Japanese playing style and the modern style, he is also known to be an actor, and model as well.

Miyavi rose to prominent after starring at Angelina’s movie called Unbroken, where he portrayed the Bird/Mutshuhiro Watanabe, since then he also work for UNHCR, where he visiting the refugee camps. Miyavi has been very huge lately, even his cameo at Kong making a few articles about his appearance 🙂

On the recent website of 88rising they put few of Miyavi playing guitar while few rappers making a freestyle about their heartbreak from Miyavi’s beats 🙂 . Honestly 88rising is making the best move as an agency/everything in order making artists from Asia to be big in the western markets… That’s why I love 88rising because they are highlighting the origin of the artist 🙂 the culture, their best sides

Few people still don’t really know who’s Miyavi is, but for me he is one the best artist out there that got under-appreciated first, he has some awesome music…for his Samurai sessions he made few collaborations with other artists like KREVA, and more he recently put the Samurai Sessions, Vol 2, he also collaborated with artist like Verbal too.

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They way Miyavi play on stage is super swag, moreover his style changes over the years from wearing this heavy Kabuki face, to a more subtle look but definitely his skills are still on fire despite he toned down the make up after having 2 daughters. Miyavi did not always play a heavy rock songs, there is this song called Guard You that depicts his softer side, the song is beautifully composed acoustic. For me this one is a lot of contrast to the samurai sessions tracks, this song you can listen to it at a down times, and this track is in English. Miyavi once stated that he will work on his English more, since he wants to relate to the international fans, and also since both of his daughters are now also lives in the US with him and his wife, his wife is a Japanese-American artist Melody, she speaks English to their daughters, and he is in charge of keeping their mother tongue while living in the US. Love you guysss

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