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G Dragon served the military service back in February 2018. There are things that I really appreciate him through out his career, I went to his concert back in 2017 here in Melbourne.

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[SWIPE] Well I just want to say happy birthday to this guy @xxxibgdrgn 🐉 🐉 its a huge 3-0 (?) oh well i want to say that i'm probably not a hardcore fan thats come to every single concerts all buy all of those merchandises. But you really do make bunch of cool arts and music 🎶 🎭 so that's inspired other people too. (Ps I make collages for my favourite rapper's birthday scrolled down to look at some of them) I don't even know personally too…hehehe but it seems because of the quirkiness that's makes want to have friend like you :)) (I love making friends with people that's have their own charm and unique ) (I need some) Things That I Want In My Life Now I have too many things I have more to lose than that (I need some) A big house, Super Car, money, fame, women Ye a Ghetto Super Star (A self-made man) The Art that’s filling the walls of my room My house is a Galleria ‘Seoul Forest’ My garden Come over whenever you’d like On my wrist, easily Mille Where’s Wally? Here’s Billi’ For a man I’m rather Skinny Other than one thing, you Dig me? I’m just livin’ like I used to A wish of mine when I was young Like those on Tv I live like that now but I’m sad for some reason, I’m still lonely A corner of my heart is still empty I need somebody I ain’t got nobody I need somebody Any god damn Body (Hello?) I need somebody I ain’t got nobody (There’s nobody) I need somebody Any god damn Body (Hello?)-Super Star Indeed you're not the one that always feel lonely 🙃🙃😊 #kwonjiyong #gdragon30 #gdragon #collage #collageartwork #collagecollectiveco #collageart #digitalcollage #collageartist #cutandpaste #fanart #happybirthday #happy818gday

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So to start with I knew Fantastic Baby so long time ago, but I’m scared to see the MV, I even scared of 30 Seconds to Mars too before, I even teased my friend about going to MADE Tour back in 2015-ish..so yeahh..But suddenly back in 2016/2017 ish I really missed my culture from Asia. Soo one of the way to re-connect with it is by listening to music from my culture 🙂

I honestly think that my style right now inspired by the music that I currently listen too, like A$AP, and more, KOHH, MINO, GD, and I try to put my casual style with mixing my own unique accessories from store like AMBUSH, and more 🙂 that’s how I put it..And definitely not seeing GD in the past few months its a bit boring 🙂 hahaha 🙂 like there are some awesome artist too 🙂 but I miss the GD style and more :), his arts feeds on Instagram 🙂


CROOKED is the best man, being bad ass, and looking like bad boy AF is not really common in Asia, if you’re Asian its better for you to be a doctor, lawyer, and being a white collar guy, but I don’t prefer that as long as you guys are happy go for it 🙂 CROOKED is about a heartbreak of being dumped, so giys if you get dumped don’t frget to check out CROOKED

To be honest I miss the futuristic YG vibes like Coup D’Etat but honestly I don’t mind the change, sometimes changes are cool, and too good to be true. I honestly love the video visual by GD its just look different, he is the few people who put looks are not really that matter, you can look good once you got the confidence 🙂

Heartbreak song won’t hurt anyone right ? I think personal relationship is the most inspiring things in our life..even artist like Taylor Swift puts relationship on her albums :), moreover heart break songs is just more relatable honey…

The song Untitled 2014, was released on his latest album before serving the military service, as a fan I’m glad that I went to his concert..I went to GD, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and upcoming for Rich Brian I’m so excited mannn…

Not only heartbreaking song GD released fun songs like Bullshit and CRAYON I guess..I love you GD can’t wait for your come back from the military service I miss you 🙂 serve well, good luck, take care of yourself 🙂

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