you’re not FAKY enough to know FAKY

For your information not all Japanese group is like AKB48 or doing cute things, because I preferred something cool over cute πŸ™‚





They are a girl group from the Avex Company in Japan composed of 4 cool girls hailing from around the world, USA, Japan, and New Zealand.

Anna (γ‚’γƒ³γƒŠ)
Lil’ Fang (γƒͺル・フゑング)
Mikako (γƒŸγ‚«γ‚³)
Akina (γ‚’γ‚­γƒŠ)

FAKY recently released their new music called Who We Are, I feel like no one talking about them. But actually they are really amazing, I even knew them just before writing this page. By the way guys I have this stress patterned and when I got stress I’ll right πŸ™‚ I’ll put the music video down below πŸ™‚

Who We Are


There was this song called Someday We’ll Know, its really fun to listen as well, personally they can go big if they got the attention that they deserve. We need J-Pop-ers to be crazy as the other fans around the world, streaming their music videos maybe πŸ™‚

Someday We’ll Know





Avex Creative Industries

FAKY actually have their English track called CANDY, Jeff Benjamin a Billboard contributor wrote that they are such amazing group that won BEST NEW COMER category at MTV Japan awards πŸ™‚ and they work with DJ Fresh whom work with Rita Ora as I hope we can hear more fans of FAKY internationally in the future..I haven’t write the introduction and the name behind FAKY…

So FAKY derived from 2 words FAntastic TokYo..somewhat they are the definition about being a girl crush. πŸ™‚ the other name of FAKY also known as Five Ass Kicking Youngsters, they have another song that I like called Afterglow. Compare to other girl group from Japan FAKY can reach the international market, since most of the member able to speak English, they have the look that international fans love especially USA, they have the R&B vibes too that make them more amazing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ SOO goodluck for FAKY πŸ™‚ ❀





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