I’m not a superhero fan girl, and to be honest I never really wait for a superhero movie to come out..I’m more into the anti-hero movie 🙂 At first I want to see the movie because of Kendrick Lamar is the producer of the soundtracks of the movie, and of course Michael B Jordan ❤

credit to WSJ

But actually the whole movie actually strike me up a lot, the music really hype me up the whole time, but I’m amazed by their views on the other tribe in Africa, for example the Suri people 🙂 literally the whole movie was dedicated to the whole Africans society, and thanks to Ruth Carter 🙂


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After the movie actually I can see how a lot of people change their minds over viewing the African culture, even I’m happy that more African-American people more able to find more confident regarding their country 🙂 I really learn that you can do more rather than spreading hates. Other than that I think personally its the coolest Marvel movie so far 🙂

It makes me that I really want to visit Africa so much 🙂 for me, since I grew up in homogenous society, its a bit hard to accept other culture other than your own. However but I grew up in a household where my mum to respect other people as well, since I went to international too.

Actually it bother me a lot when people asking me, did you find other Indonesian students in your class ? or did you find them for you group work, I was like nope I’m doing fine 🙂 and its actually so much fun because you know where they are from. I worked with a Swedish guy, and a Chinese guy and I think so far they really fun group for me they helped me a lot too 🙂

Going back to Black Panther, long story short I watched Walking Dead as well, and I love Danai Gurira. I love her because she is just a pure badass….


The reason I love Black Panther is because I make myself to accept and respect other culture, I love Kendrick and all those singers not because of their skin colour. Back in 10 April this year there was this guy that supposed to clean my wall crack in my apartment here in Melbourne. And he asked me some random question ‘what’s your name’ I answered Belinda, and he said ‘O that’s very unusual to heard female Asian name like that” like what the f’ck mannn. You can just be racist to anyone.. you can see even artists got racists act too, you can check it on Everyday Racism.

I feel like there are so many ways to express yourself regarding about racism, Black Panther is a good example on how facing racism these days. First the message given is strong but they give it not in a harsh way 🙂 second no one really read these days sooo movies or songs can help others to understand…I’m not really a movie girl these days so for me music is important.

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