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Later did I know I was just browsing around YouTube and their video was passing through I thought its just random people but when I saw Dutchmontana’s name (in which he collaborated with KOHH hundreds of times) I knew that they are not joking. YEN TOWN was broke the internet in Japan after collaborating with Yung Lean.


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For those who doesn’t know Yung Lean he is a Swedish rapper, music helps me to know about other culture, and most of these people are actually writing or saying about things that are not too sugar-coated. Hence it makes me drive to learn more about their music, actually, its one of my dream to help people especially girls that don’t have much confidence, I want them to write what the thing that bothers them and spit it out ( in a good way ).

What I like about Japanese music artist is that they are not taking anything that way to mainstream man..There are several brands like Mercedes, Rolex that symbolised wealth and hip-hop always wrote about that 🙂 I think for Rolex you can’t deny the charming man like that sh”t is hot 🙂 even me love it 🙂 but for DIZZY while everyone singing about Mercedes he wrote about BMW that’s amazing 🙂 my dad used to have the BMW 321i 1994, after its gone I missed it dearly 🙂

Just for more information they got their SoundCloud and YouTube Channel too 🙂

SoundCloud –

Youtube –

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