Te Amo AgnezMo

credit to hollywoodlife

First of all Agnez Mo is so well known in Indonesia because she is the most artistic artist in my country. I could say she’s very fashion forward, and actually for me she’s not scared to be offended. Her Indonesian songs such as Tak Ada Logika, Godai Aku Lagi, I think is one of the most memorable songs in Indonesian music industry. For me Agnez Mo opened the way for other artist in Indonesia not to afraid to dream big, and making it out there.

Tak Ada Logika

Godai Aku Lagi

For me Agnez offered something that’s different in Indonesia pop culture, and music industry, since Indonesia is a little bit conservatives no one try something beyond the wall, most importantly quality over quantity, and she wants to learn.

“Made it to Vogue”

yass gurls she’s made it to vogue

She finally made her debut internationally called X (pronounced as ten in which its her lucky number), before releasing her debut album se released single called Coke Bottle in the song it also featured 2 American Rapppers T.I, and Timbaland. For her new album Agnez released 2 music videos, Long As I Get Paid, and Damn I love You.

I personally love Damn I Love You, its the track that I’ll listen when I’m in the pool or chilling with my friends. But Agnez also always sharing this unique visuals, by mixing part of Indonesia and fuse it with Western culture, we can see it through the music Coke Bottle and Long As I Get Paid.

Just last December Agnez made a successful collaboration with Chris Brown called On Purpose. Frankly speaking I love how Indonesia totally supports her making music as a music fan to be honest its such a relieved for me to see Indonesian artist put the best quality of music out there, other than Agnez, Indonesian female artists that we need to check is Isyana, and Raissa, they also put the best quality music instead of quality.

PS: sometimes its hard to look for the best music, some people doing it for money, and they just put whatever they want thus I love my favourite artists for reasons 🙂

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