Pharrell Brought Parallel World


So I love Pharrell for me he just got this amazing unique personality that fits my alter ego when everybody is not around.

So in my a must celebrated birthday which is the Sweet 17, I did make a sort of birthday dinner with friends the event organiser was asking me if there is particular song that I want to choose for my entrance, I choose HAPPY because I think at that time the songs really fits my personality that always laughing. 🙂

“I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgment. ” – Pharrell Williams

I love Pharrell the way he appreciate arts no matter whats your religion, races are 🙂 if you look at his collaborations list they have differs cultural background, he just collaborated with Rihanna to Teriyaki Boyz.


Tokyo is my second home ” – Pharrell Williams on Tokyo Rising

The truth will set you free, but first it will pissed you off  – Lemon N.E.R.D.

To be honest with everyone I never follow the trend of liking them at all its just my own personality that putting me to love Pharrell. When I knew that Pharrell was associated with other musician that I love like Teriyaki Boyz it made me realised that I’m not “weird” , or when I love AMBUSH design and wore them I don’t have to feel shy anymore when people stare at me because its normal. When I knew Pharrell and listen to his song more and more it made me realised that actually probably, I meant not to be on the same page, I have my own uniqueness and I have to embrace it 🙂

So through Pharrell I learn that if you’re different it doesn’t mean you guys are alien 😊 it means you’re yourself, and if were born in the same way than we’re not human 😁 so through my favourite artist I know that I found myself through my parallel world.

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