You guys do know J-Pop right ? and definitely K-Pop right ? now you need to check Q-Pop. the genre that I just discovered not a long ago 🙂

Guys have you been listening to Q-Pop ? FYI if you guys really love watching King Kenny Slay on his MV Reaction you can check him here. So basically he loves react to this MV of K-Pop groups, and give some opinions on the songs 🙂 Soo King Kenny SLaY actually reacting to Q Pop, so based on what I found Q-Pop is Qazaq-pop (or Kazakh pop) guys you need to check these guys called Ninety One

So Ninety One is a boygroup coming from Kazakhstan the music itself is influenced by K-Pop and Western Pop, the group was formed by 2014 and the members are :

Azamat Zenkayev
Batyrkhan Malikov
Azamat Ashmakyn
Dulat Mukhametkaliev
Daniyar Kulumshin

FYIAzamat Ashmakyn was a S.M. Entertainment trainee from 2012-2015 based on the resource that I found here, so in addition to his own language he is able to speak Korean..I guess their fans must be soo crazy so to be honest I’ve been watch the music videos before after watched King Kenny reactions..So the group music videos I’ve to say its cool, its pretty awesome I can see some people reaction to it and I’ll post the video below 🙂

You can see that Ninety One does get fan girls reaction that I think is awesome I’ll post some of their MVs and let you guys think what’s your opinion since I’m not familiar as well. To be honest for everyone its awesome seeing other language in music. Based on what I got from wikipedia page as well the member Azamat Zenkayev participated on underground rap battle too since 2006

But although you can’t understand fully the language they have YouTube CC that gave you the translations of the songs 🙂 . But one thing for sure I can see the BigBang influenced there, mix with Block B influenced too 🙂 which is not a problem for me, the thing is inspired other people is a good thing :).  Frankly speaking of the music its very interesting to see how music from other countries influenced others 🙂 it means the world is going global, so people should stop hating against each other :).

Also its very interesting that some people through out other countries that some people actually sharing the same hobby as us no matter what your race, or religion is 🙂 that’s why I love looking at new music a lot, things that I never see before 🙂 or listen 🙂 there are many ways to express yourself.

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