From Tokyo, with Thelma Aoyama

I was looking at the Japanese music artists like KOHH (love him), but since I knew more about the Japanese rock band so I decided to look to any artists other than KOHH, Teriyaki Boyz. I found out about Thelma Aoyama. One of her song that I knew about her was called I’m By Your Side featuring Soulja it was the best selling music in Japan back in 2008 🙂 trust me you’ll love it


Thelma Aoyama was born in Japan, she moved to the States at 12 and moved back to Japan in 2 years after. Thelma Aoyama have been collaborated with other artist besides SoulJa, she’s been collaborated with Taeyang from BIGBANG, Da Mouth, even 4Minute. So she’s pretty internationally known as well, you can see Thelma on EAST MEETS MORGAN below 🙂


The song that Thelma collaborated with Taeyang or Sol back then called Fall in Love 🙂 Thelma got this R&B voice thats not really common in Japan, her tone is the best she got deep voice tone that’s awesome almost like Beyoncé I could say. For the song Fall in Love the vibe is different to I’m By Your Side, Fall in Love is more electro pop, R&B but still love both songs 🙂  FYI people I knew about Taeyang collaboration with Thelma after I saw Thelma’s song with SoulJa 🙂 I think she’s need more collab with SoulJa since both songs with SoulJa was AMAZINNGGG 🙂



So tracing back to 2015 Thelma made her first ever rap song called TOKEYO as usual I love Japanese artist visual videos 🙂 its amazziinngg. When she said TOKEYO was her first rapping single she was blown my mind. To be honest with her style she’s so cool with either both rapping or singing 🙂 the other song was released back in September 2017 called 一生仲間 in which she is also rapping on that music 🙂 if you compare both songs to her first songs with SoulJa definitely it has different feelings.

With her first few songs she was more showing her heavy influence R&B vibes, and more sorrowful in terms of the songs 🙂 I mean its so relatable when you’re having a break up moments. For her newer released she shows more of her personal sides and style as well. The song also contained more personality like tropical, hip hop, more fun and relatable too for the younger audience. 🙂


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