all my life I was not really fit in with the whole thing, growing up I feel like I want to my own world. I just think its awesome without doing the real things in life. One of the way for me for doing it is by listening to music 🙂 I feel like when I listen to music I don’t have to say it by myself. Other than that I love Beyoncé so much, growing up listening to the Single Ladies, Run the World (girls) are amazing, the Irreplaceable, what I like about her other than music is her body confidence.

YAASSS GURLLS !! you guys need body confidence, that’s the best accessories of your life, no matter your size, tall/short, fat/skinny, your religion..when we got together we are powerful 🙂 ❤ #girls

Boy you know you love it
How we’re smart enough
To make these millions
Strong enough to bare the children
Then get back to business
See, you better not play me
Don’t come here baby
Hope you still like me
“F” you pay me

And also she is good at dancing, very girl crush/woman crush..I love being called a girl crush rather than pretty. First for me being pretty is boring 🙂 secondly I want to tell other girls that sometimes its okay to be different but you got to do something different such as your accessories the way you dressed 🙂 although you’re a bit tomboyish like me but give a little girl stuff but the one that still look cool that’s my tips 🙂


I feel like Queen B just can do whatever she wants, she is such a relationship goals with JAY Z, I hope it stays for forever ❤ (these days a lot of unpredictable happened 😦 even Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan but I hope all the best for them ❤ I mean nothing last forever 🙂 😦 ) The one that they brought to life together Forever Young, and Drunk in Love is amazing, but another than that Queen can be just like Partition baby 🙂



I really want someone that stays insane with me whenever I want to (hahaha) in a good way.. But yeahh actually there is this one song called Pretty Hurts, where I feel like its so relatable to the beauty standards of a lot of people..when we heard someone criticizing us it hurts, not all but something like body image, it will always start like “she said that…. or my mom saidd….” there is no point if we want to live up to the standards that build up in nihilism of the world, because nothing will be ever be perfect because we are human, and I do have a humane side too although sometimes I may just laugh at the joke people threw on me, but honestly speaking I’m not a plastic or a robot, so I do have feelings, I know that I’m so savage sometimes, and people don’t get my joke around (sarcasm)

Perfection is the disease of a nation


Ain’t no doctor or therapeutic that can take the pain away
The pain’s inside
And nobody frees you from your body
It’s the soul that needs surgery
It’s my soul that needs surgery
Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
And you break when the paper signs you in the dark
You left a shattered mirror
And the shards of a beautiful girl


to wrapped things up I love this songs so much it may not about your body image it could be your social preference, or your own choice thats unique that people sometimes will think we are the one that got the problems but you’re not, you’re normal and yass everybody is okay 🙂 its all good 🙂

But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

Ps : thanks to everybody whose visited the page it meant so much to me as I grew up, I want to write about music and I thought music can change your perception about people 🙂 and it can help against your problems 🙂 Today is the last blog for today I’ll write something else to me 🙂

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