Well this people is such an awesome music crew from Kawasaki 🙂 its a bit hard to find their profile because I couldn’t read Japanese at all, they formed back in 2014, the group based on

  • T-Pablow
  • Tiji Jojo
  • Benjazzy
  • Yellow Pato
  • GK.ID
  • Vingo
  • Bark


The group got subunit as well called 2WIN that consists of T-Pablow and YZERR, they signed with Zeebra lable, and Zeebra is a huge deal he worked with TERIYAKI BOYZ in 2009, he is the judged of rapping competition in Japan called BAZOOKA!!! 高校生RAP選手権 , the twins won the program.





Rap Competition


So I guess before Show Me the Money or The Rap of China invented the rapping game on TV, actually Japan did it first, since it first came out around 2011 but I love all the shows 🙂 , so anyway going back to BAD HOP they brought the documentary for VICE JAPAN titled Made in Kawasaki.


On the documentary most of them were grew up in a single parent household family, the often write their rhymes about their own experience, other than that they know each other from middle school it make the BAD HOP itself more than just a crew.

“if we were talk about our past none of our lives have been normal so far “- YZZER

Other than that YZZER stated in the video that there are kids that losing hope sometimes, and even YZZER and their members also live in constant fear due to the conditions, so they hope that they can change the conditions through music, and they want to reach the kids who once a trouble maker, and no hope to make music 🙂

Since they are from Kawasaki they influenced by Kawasaki a lot recently they released this music video titled Kawasaki Drift. 🙂


And definitely the Gucci Scarf video


And that’s what I like about loving music regardless your language, even if you don’t understand but you will love it. The most important thing is that they are unique and got their own colours 🙂



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