Turn Off the Lights…


Whatever you will imagine if you turn off the lights…

On the recent Winner’s comeback Song Minho make his solo comeback once again with the title Turn Off the Lights…..I could say that Song Minho make his breakthrough on TV last year after starring New Journey to the West, he gained the name “Song Mojiri” “Song Garak” and many more..

For some people that know him through the reality show, he may looks so much fun, cute, innocent, “dumb but funny”, he gave the looks that he is very approachable..

” 안간힘 쓰는데 넌 아무것도 몰라 몰라
아는듯하는데 모르는 척이거나 ”

“I’m holding back this urge but you don’t even know you

you act as if you do but you don’t “

I could say that the song above give the fangirls such an ultimate fangirl power, and also don’t forget the screaming part (yass girls really good at doing fangirling 🙂 ). So like it’s almost like the opposite of the funny MINO, once the beats started he became MINO the rapper not the gag man anymore…. I feel like Turn Off the Lights almost the BODY 2.0 like is the continuation of the song that released back in 2016… I feel like this song deserve a music video. :’)

But frankly speaking, actually MINO Body, and Turn Off the Lights are not really my type of songs, like I love the song like Fear that express sadness, more honest, and more humane (probably I can’t relate to Body and Turn Off the Lights because I don’t have a boyfriend #sad ). Although its not my music style somehow I still manage to get it on my phone #touché

But actually one of the most important thing about his music is actually his voice, his songs like Fear, Body, and Turn Off the Lights don’t have that crazy party like hip hop beats, so you can listen to it at anytime, anywhere.. 🙂 (precaution : you should not think about something else when you listen to Turn Off the Lights because you will have fangirl moments until the whole universe collapse :’) )


Don’t forget to stream Winner Everyday 🙂 and here’s Everyday and Fear

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