Why its Cool And Become a Household Name

Well ever since Kim Kardashian married to Kanye West, and her style changes because of Kanye (in a good way) the game of fashion starts to change even the way we listen to music start to change… even the music soundtrack of the hit movie BLACK PANTHER produced by well known rapper Kendrick Lamar.

There are things in the world that is really hard to explain right now, everyone seems to be acceptable with everything in which it is a good thing with what happening right now, I think we need something in common to live the world with peace ( #cliché )

For example Miyavi collaboration with Sonita, a female rapper from Afghanistan that known for rapping about early child marriage within her culture. The world star rapper Rich Brian with Offsett, G-Dragon with MIA and Baauer

First of all I feel like a lot of people these days are more freely express what they want to say, or flexing stuffs that’s on trend right now you can see the Gucci Gang

But that’s not the only “Gucci” song if you want to know its not only Lil Pump, across the world we got another Gucci from Bewhy with Gucci Bank, and BAD HOP with Gucci Scarf (you can see the videos down below). It can show how big is the influence of the hip hop industry towards the world, 🙂 in  a good way.


If you are a fan of Asian culture (I try to learn about it more and more these days after moving to Melbourne) you are definitely familiar with the K-Pop, J-Pop industry… If we look at the YG Entertainment music videos, you can see that most of the musics are influence by the hip hop music, even Mr. Yang Hyun Suk himself in fact part of the Seo Taiji and the Boys…

here you can see some

For example 2NE1 that debuted in 2009 and now disbanded ( 😦 ) they are the first group that debuted in a bad-ass way girls, without the pretty girly style, but still they look good 🙂

And we also have BIGBANG that now most of the members doing mandatory military service ( Good look to everyone I always be a fan ), they also influenced by the hip hop music, with GD also being recognised by other international artist like Missy Elliot, Diplo, MIA, and more. Their younger generation also featured their bad-ass with different colour, you can see WINNER that influenced with R&B (which considered as a sub genre) but at the same time you can see the member SONG MINHO being very active as a rapper in his solo and collaboration work, they have IKON as well, ONE, and last but not least BLACKPINK… 🙂

But there are so many artist from their company that’s so cool you can check them out here

Furthermore shows like Show Me the Money gain a huge popularity across the globe I could say and the song Fear by Song Minho always be trend every new season. The show itself want copied by China called The Rap of China which now are settled already, recently they also have the Thailand version of it. Although there are some news that China now banned the hip hop related on TV, but I can see all the artist seems to be good. You can forget about Jay Chou when you talked about the China music industry right (?), and from the shows the music soundtrack offered from artist like Kendrick, the collaboration with artist that has different culture definitely what we called so cool right now, since everyone is a human being no matter what skin colour you are 🙂

And actually although some of the collaboration got different languages on one song it turn out amazing right (?), that shows that different is good, and or probably because I grew up with different culture or my mum told me to accept all culture ( #hahaha ) but everything are amazing though because me myself growing listening to a lot different languages of song. I really do think that music brings the world together even we have different language, but good body language, or visualisation of the music definitely helps us to understand, and thanks to the world wide fans that put all the translation, and lastly Google Translate 🙂

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