They Did Not Comeback Home…

“Come back home
Can you come back home, eh?
차가운 세상 끝에 날 버리지 말고 내 곁으로”

“Come back home Can you come back home, eh? Do not throw me away in the end of the cold world”

When I was a 6 grader back in 2009, I think that’s when K Pop starts to dominate the music world. Not to mention that was the year 2NE1 was born, I did not really understand but I have the song I Don’t Care, I just love the part “I don’t care e e e e, I don’t care e e ere” even until now I still love the catch phrase… funny enough I was not a big fan of K Pop, until back in 2015/2016. But sadly when I went back to love 2NE1 I heard the disbandment.. the summer comeback that the company promised the fans left us (the fans) devastated. Speaking vaguely I do understand if the group did not make it, a long hiatus, lost of a member that already part of the group like a family, unstopable hate from the public….


Even though they sing the song Come Back Home, at the end of the journey they did not “come back home” instead they give us a Goodbye, the beautiful ones. I always thought or try at least to say this “we must not be sad because its gone already, but we have to cherish what was great and thankful because it happened”



If we look at the US artist they making a comeback at least 2/3 years from their first album or single, unless 30 Seconds to Mars that make a comeback at least 4/5 years.. (yup that’s long enough) However I feel like the comeback of the K Pop industry is a little bit different, the fans waiting for their comeback more enthusiast compare for waiting their favourite artist from the US, but I feel like the cute image, innocent, youth is become part of the K Pop industry. Funny enough everyone start to go with the hashtag #2NE1DeserveBetter, and the fans start to hate YG for the disbandment of 2NE1 and debut the new girlgroup BLACKPINK (guys disclaimer I don’t hate them). I mean I love 2NE1 and its the only girlgroup that I feel really bad-ass among others, swaggiest among others..and everything among others either its their rap or vocal.. But I think that the public itself did not want them to comeback after the drama that happened, I do think they should make a comeback, they don’t have to rush for everything..I do understand that K Pop industry debuting new girl groups every year, and it means they are much younger than 2NE1 but I think the real music people don’t really think about looks or age 🙂 (am I right ?). What I feel bad for everyone CL is known for being in 2NE1 and articles always said that she didn’t make it in the US, like the newer articles by hypebae. But I sincerely think that she did not fail but her marketing of her music is wrong.

CL is more known with her Korean in Dirty Vibe, or Baddest Female :). As I said on my previous blog her case is completely different from Rich Brian case, since he went viral because of Dat Stick and its in English. But for Rich Brian he offered something that’s different compare to others..its his crew, I feel like CL should move to 88rising after this 🙂 I mean like she featured on some videos there.

Minzy make her solo debut but some says that she is better in a group 😦 but here the thing Minzy is an artist sometimes part of it we have to grow and it hurts sometimes :). Dara making her debut as an actress but her desire as a singer does not stop.. I really think the public have a love-hate relationships with 2NE1. Park Bom I loveeee herrrr I miss her singing voice and everything about her. To be honest related to plastic surgery as long as it makes you happy do whatever you want to do, Park Bom I got your back… 🙂 I miss her featured on other’s songs its very refreshing lastly because they are the best let’s remember all the best 🙂


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